3D Car

Decide what you want your car to look like. You could model it after a sports car like a Lamborghini or Ferrari, a classic car like a Mustang or a Charger, a racecar like a Formula 1 or NASCAR, or you could create something totally new. You may even want to model it after a sleek and fast Pine Wood Derby racer. Add the word PROFILE and LINE DRAWING to your search to get good side views of the cars.

Use these tutorial documents to work through designing a car.

Start with Car Lesson 1 to get started.

Watch Fender Tutorial Video

Watch Axle Hole Tutorial Video

Watch Redoing Fenders if you need to start over.

Watch Putting the Car Together after everything else is done. If you need to go back, watch this video: Chopping a Car in Half

Check out this sketchup tutorial for more advanced windows and 3D text that will print better.

Tutorial 7: Adding Paint (Use at least 5)

You may want to watch these videos to make your wheels more advanced and improve the speed of your car.

Wheel Video 1: Introduction

Wheel Video 2: Getting Started

Wheel Video 3: Spokes

Wheel Video 4: Center Hub

Wheel Video 5: Beveled Edges

If you want to do a more advanced car you may want to watch the next few videos.

Video 3: Importing a Photo

Video 4: Adding Dimension

Video 5: Spoiler Part 1

Video 6: Spoiler Part 2

Video 7: Spoiler Part 3

Video 8: Follow Me Tool

Video 9: Better Prints

Video 10: Curved Windows Part 1

Video 11: Curved Windows Part 2

Video 12: Using the Move Tool


Before you print your car, make sure to check it for errors. Watch the following videos.

Car Check Video 1: Stray Lines

Car Check Video 2: Track Height

Car Check Video 3: Track Width

Car Check Video 4: Wheel Size

Car Check Video 5: Looking Inside

Click HERE to see an example of how your car will be scored.

Testing the Car

Use this LOG SHEET to keep track of your times from testing and write down what modifications you do to improve the speed of your car. You will need this information to fill out your Design Document.


Its time to start working on our Design Documents. Click HERE to see a sample Design Document for the 3D Derby Project.


1) Start by researching "What makes a Fast Derby Car" Do a google search. Use the research page to take notes. Make sure to list the websites as sources! Then write a 1-2 paragraph summary. Use this TEMPLATE while you research how to make a Fast Pinewood Derby Car.

2) List your sources (websites) that you used to get your information. We need to have at least 3. Copy and Paste the address from online.


3) Then make sure your car is painted (at least 5 colors) and has at least 5 details (windows, fenders, grill, hood scoop, exhaust pipes, spoiler, 3D text...)

Watch these videos to learn how to add screenshots to your Design Document. Be sure to show some close up shots of your details.

Design Document Screenshots 1

Design Document Screenshots 2

Design Document Screenshots 3

4) Then list the measurements of your car and wheel. Include the length, width, and height of the car. List the wheel diameter and axle hole diameter. Also weigh your car and write that down.


5) Write down each time your car races on the track. List any changes you made to make your car go faster. Explain 5 things you did to improve the speed of your car. Be specific and describe it as if you were talking to someone who has never seen your car.


6) Write a summary of everything you did to make a fast car. Include something from your research section and a few of your times from your data table(maybe your first time and your fastest time).