Minecraft Movie

Video Editing:
Now we will begin editing your movie. Start by going to WeVideo.

Sign in with your FUSD account:
_ _ _ _@fresnou.org

use your school password.

If you do not have videos recorded, you can make a movie with my videos HERE. Watch THIS VIDEO to see how to download them.

For this project you will need to get into a group and start planning out your story.

Each slide should show a scene (Pic from Minecraft) from your movie. Put them in order to tell a story. Be sure to use different camera shots we learned in class:

(Close Up, Medium, Wide, High Angle, Low Angle, Over the Shoulder...).

Your story should have AT LEAST 20 scenes with a short description for each one.

Here are some Minecraft Worlds you may want to use for your movie project. Have one person from your team download the file and then share the Join Code, or you can open a new world as well.

Possible Roles for the project:

Director/Camera person: Helps tell actors where to stand/what to do. Takes the screenshot for each scene.

Actors: Act out the scene and what's happening

Set Designers: Prepare the scene by building whatever is needed

Writer: Fills out the description for each scene on the slideshow.

(Roles may be interchangeable and you may need to take turns)

Minecraft Skin Packs! Just download the pack and then double click on it to bring it into Minecraft to use as costumes.