Forum Overview

The NSTX-U Research Forum is intended to provide fusion researchers the opportunity to present ideas for experiments to be conducted on NSTX-U in the upcoming run and for theoretical work supporting NSTX-U.

Present team members or prospective collaborators are invited to attend or to participate. Both well-developed and new ideas in the early stages of development are welcomed. Ideas for experiments to be performed in 2015 should be submitted using the online Submission Form.

For more detailed information on the NSTX-U research program and priorities for the upcoming run, please look here.

Proposal ideas, submissions, and brief presentations describing proposal ideas during the forum break-out sessions should be discussed and scheduled with the TSG and/or TF leaders prior to the Forum.

If you will be traveling to PPPL for the research forum, please see the Visitor Information page for additional instructions.  

To participate remotely in the Forum, please see the agenda page which contains the date, time, location, and information for remote participation for each session of the forum.