Publications 2022

Publications 2022

LOOBY T, Reinke M, Wingen A, et al,

A software package for plasma facing component analysis and design: the Heat flux Engineering Analysis Toolkit (HEAT)

FUSION SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY 78:1, 10-27 (January 2022)

ZHU XL,Chen W, Podesta M, et al.,

Avalanche Transport of Energetic-ions in Magnetic Confinement Plasmas: Nonlinear Multiple Wave-number Simulation 

NUCL. FUSION 62 016012 (January 2022)

GAN K, TK Gray, SJ Zweben, et al.,

Impact of edge harmonic oscillations on the divertor heat flux in NSTX                 

PHYS. PLASMAS 29 012503 (January 2022)

ZWEBEN SJ, Banerjee S,  Bisai N, et al.,

Correlation between the relative blob fraction and plasma parameters in NSTX

PHYS. PLASMAS 29 012505 (January 2022) 

KHRABRY AI , Soukhanovskii VA, Rognlien TD, et al., 

Modeling snowflake divertors in MAST-U Tokamak

NUCL. FUSION 62 016007 (January 2022)

PODESTA M, M Gorelenkova, NN Gorelenkov, et al.,

Development of a reduced model for energetic particle transport by sawteeth in tokamaks

PLASMA PHYS. CONT. FUSION 64 025002 (February 2022)

MUNARETTO S, Orlov DM, Paz-Soldan C, et al.,

Controlling the size of non-axisymmetric magnetic footprints using resonant magnetic perturbations

NUCL. FUSION 62 026018 (February 2022)

BISAI N, Bannerjee S, Zweben SJ, et al.,
Experimental validation of universal plasma blob formation mechanism
NUCL. FUSION 62 026027 (February 2022)                      


CROCKER, NA, Tang SX, Thome KE, et al., 

Novel internal measurements of ion cyclotron frequency range fast-ion driven modes

NUCL. FUSION 62 026023 (February 2022)

PICCIONE A, Berkery JW, Sabbagh SA, et al.,
Predicting resistive wall mode stability in NSTX through balanced random forests and counterfactual explanations

NUCL. FUSION 62 036002 (March 2022)

GUTTENFELDER WA, Battaglia DJ, Belova E, et al.,

NSTX-U theory, modeling and analysis results

NUCL. FUSION 62 042023 (April 2022)

BERNARD TN, Halpern FD, Francisquez M, et al., 

Kinetic modeling of neutral transport for a continuum gyrokinetic code

PHYS. PLASMAS 29 052501 (May 2022)

JARDIN SC, Ferraro NM, Guttenfelder WA, et al.,            

Ideal MHD limited electron temperature in (spherical) tokamaks

PHYS. REV. LETT. 128 245001 (June 2022)

SOUKHANOVSKII VA, Khrabry AI, Scott HA, et al., 

Modeling of deuterium and carbon radiation transport in MAST-U tokamak advanced divertors

NUCL. FUSION 62 066047 (June 2022)    


LIU C, Jardin, SC, Qin H, et al., 

Hybrid simulation of energetic particles interacting with magnetohydrodynamics using a slow manifold algorithm and GPU acceleration 

COMP. PHYSICS COMM 275 108313. (June 2022)

ZWEBEN SJ, Lampert M, Myra J,

Temporal structure of blobs in NSTX

PHYS. PLASMAS 29 072504 (July 2022)

KLEINER A, Ferraro NM, Canal G, et al., 

Critical role of current-driven instabilities for ELMs in NSTX

NUCL. FUSION 62 076018 (July 2022)

KHODAK A and Maingi R,

Plasma Facing Components with Capillary Porous System and Liquid Metal Coolant Flow

PHYS. PLASMAS 29 072505 (July 2022)

Parametric dependencies of resonant layer responses across linear two-fluid drift-MHD regimes
PHYS. PLASMAS 29 072506 (July 2022)

LUNSFORD R, Masuzaki S, Nespoli F, et al.,

Real-time wall conditioning and recycling modification utilizing boron and boron nitride powder injections into the Large Helical Device 

NUCL. FUSION 62 086021 (August 2022)

WAI JT, Boyer MD, Kolemen E.,
Neural net modeling of equilibria in NSTX-U

NUCL. FUSION 62 086042 (August 2022)

NELSON AO, Paz-Soldan C, Saarelma S,

Prospects for H-mode inhibition for negative triangularity tokamak reactor plasmas

NUCL. FUSION 62 096020 (September 2022)

YANG J, Fredrickson ED, Podesta M, et al.,

Nonlinear growth of magnetic islands by passing fast ions in NSTX

PLASMA PHYS. CONT. FUSION 64 095005 (September 2022)

ONO M, Bertelli N, Shevchenko V,
Electron cyclotron heating and current drive scenario for non-inductive start-up and ramp-up in high field spherical tokamaks

PHYS. REV. E 106 L023201 (September 2022)

TIERENS W, Bilato R, Bertelli N, and et al.,
On the origin of High Harmonic Fast Wave edge losses in NSTX

NUCL. FUSION 62 096011 (September 2022)

REUSH JA, Raman R, Bongard M, et al., 

A Coaxial Helicity Injection System for Nonsolenoidal Startup Studies on the Pegasus-III Experiment

IEEE TRANS. on PLASMA SCIENCE (September 2022)

RAFIQ T, Wilson C, Luo L, et al.,
Electron temperature gradient driven transport model for tokamak plasmas

PHYS. PLASMAS 29 092503 (September 2022)

MUNARETTO S, Myers C, Gerhardt S, et al.,

AC compensation of 3D magnetic diagnostic signals in DIII-D and National Spherical Torus Experiment - Upgrade (NSTX-U) for real-time application

REV. SCI. INST. 93 093528 (September 2022)

RAMAN R, Morgan K, Reusch JA, et al.,
Transient CHI system design studies for Pegasus-III
FUS. SCI. TECH. 78 649 (September 2022)

BELOVA, E, Crocker NA, Lestz JB, et al.,
Application of simulations and theory of sub-cyclotron frequency modes to DIII-D
Accepted for publication in PHYS. PLASMAS  62 106016 (October 2022)

LOOBY T, Reinke M, Wingen A, et al,

3D Ion Gyro-orbit Heat Load Simulations Using Engineering CAD Geometry for NSTX-U

NUCL. FUSION  62  106020 (October 2022)

ONO M, Bertelli N, Shevchenko V,

Multi-harmonic electron cyclotron heating and current drive scenarios for non-inductive start-up and ramp-up in high field ST40 spherical tokamak
NUCL. FUSION 62 106035 (October 2022)

CLAUSER CF, Guttenfelder W, Rafiq T, et al., 

Linear ion-scale stability analysis of high and low-collisionality NSTX discharges and NSTX-U projections

PHYS. PLASMAS 29 102303 (October 2022)

LAMPERT M, Diallo A, Myra JR, et al.,

Rotation of ELM filaments on NSTX

PHYS. PLASMAS 29 102502 (October 2022)

WANG ZR,  Liu YQ, Logan NC, et al.,
Verification of neoclassical toroidal viscosity induced by energetic particles
PHYS. PLASMAS 29 102510 (October 2022)

SHARMA AY, Cole MDJ, Gorler T, et al., 

Global gyrokinetic study of shaping effects on electromagnetic modes at NSTX aspect ratio with ad hoc parallel magnetic perturbation effect

PHYS. PLASMAS 29, 112503 (November 2022)

KURODA K, Raman R, Hasegawa M, et al., 

Improvements to the high-field-side transient CHI system on QUEST

J. FUSION ENERGY 41 25 (November 2022)

RAMAN R, Kuroda K, Hanada K, et al.,

Design Considerations for the Implementation of a High-Field Side Transient CHI System on QUEST 

IEEE TRANS. on PLASMA SCI. 50 4171 (November 2022)

BERTELLI, N. Shiraiwa S, Ono M, 

3D HHFW modeling with realistic antenna geometry and SOL plasma in NSTX-U

NUCL. FUSION 62 126046 (December 2022)

LIU C, Jardin SC, Ferraro M, et al.,
Thermal ion kinetic effects and Landau damping in fishbone modes
J. PLASMA PHYS 88 905880610 (December 2022)