FY2017 Facility and Diagnostic Milestones

Recovery Project Notable Outcomes:

  • FES: Complete an extensive extent-of-condition review of NSTX-U to identify all design, construction, and operational issues. Prepare correction action plan (CAP) to include cost, schedule, scope, and technical specifications of actions. Provide an interim progress report by March 31, 2017 and complete the CAP review and send the final report to DOE by September 30, 2017.

  • SC/PSO: Conduct a review of policies and procedures for design, construction, installation, commissioning and operations of NSTX-U and other construction activities and projects. Develop corrective actions to ensure the highest quality project management across the lab.

Diagnostic Milestone D(17-1): Complete installation and preliminary commissioning of the pulse burst laser system. (September 2017)

Description: The purpose of the pulse burst laser system (PBLS) is to measure the electron density and temperature evolution of edge and core transient plasma phenomena using bursts of high-repetition-rate Thomson scattering. The PBLS is designed to provide a steady state 30 Hz repetition rate, in addition to two modes of burst operation: a) a slow burst mode at 1 kHz repetition rate for 50 ms, and b) a fast burst mode at 10 kHz for 5 ms. The PBLS has been characterized in the laboratory and will be installed on NSTX-U during FY2017. The PBLS system will undergo preliminary commissioning in the absence of plasma. This commissioning consists of energizing the laser power supplies and flashing the flashlamps of the laser head.