Publications 2020

Publications 2020

WOODS BJQ, Duarte VN, Fredrickson ED, et al.,

Machine-learning driven correlation studies between Alfvenic and sub-Alfvenic chirping and fast ion loss at NSTX


HIROOKA Y, Ono M, Maingi R, K. et al,

Conference Report on the 1st US Japan Workshop on Power and Particle Control by Liquid Metal Plasma-Facing Components in Steady State Magnetic Fusion DEMO Reactor

NUCLEAR FUSION 60 017001 (January 2020)

LOOBY T, Reinke M, Donovan D, et al,

Convolutional Neural Networks for Heat Flux Model Validation on NSTX-U

IEEE TRANS. PLASMA SCI. 48 3 (January 2020)

SCOTTI F, Zweben S, Myra J, et al.,

Disconnection of SOL turbulence between the outer midplane and divertor target plate in NSTX

NUCLEAR FUSION 026004 60 (February 2020)

REN Y, Wang WX, Guttenfelder W, et al.,

Exploring the regime of validity of global gyrokinetic simulations with spherical tokamak plasmas

NUCLEAR FUSION 60 026005 (February 2020)

White RB, Duarte VN, Gorelenkov NN, et al.,

Phase-space dynamics of Alfvén mode chirping

PHYS. PLASMAS 27 022108 (February 2020)

WHITE RB, Duarte VN, Gorelenkov NN, et al.,

Conditions for the onset of Alfv ́enic avalanches in NSTX

PHYS. PLASMAS 27 022117 (February 2020)

LESTZ J, Gorelenkov NN, Belova EV, et al.,

Analytic stability boundaries for compressional and global Alfv ́en eigenmodes driven by fast ions. I. Interaction via ordinary and anomalous cyclotron resonances

PHYS PLASMAS 27 022513 (February 2020)

LESTZ J, Gorelenkov NN, Belova EV, et al.,

Analytic stability boundaries for compressional and global Alfv ́en eigenmodes driven by fast ions. II. Interaction via Landau resonance

PHYS PLASMAS 27 022512 (February 2020)

RAMAN R, Sweeney R, Moyer RA, et al.,

Shattered pellet penetration in low and highenergy plasmas on DIII-D

NUCLEAR FUSION 60 036014 (March 2020)

ELSERAFY H, Hanada K, Kojima Set al., ,

Electron Bernstein wave conversion of high-field side injected X-modes in QUEST


JARDIN SC, Krebs I, Ferraro N

A new explanation of the sawtooth phenomena in tokamaks

PHYS PLASMAS 27 032509 (March 2020)

PICCIONE A, Berkery JW, Sabbagh S, et al.

Physics-guided machine learning approaches to predict the ideal stability properties of fusion plasmas

NUCLEAR FUSION 60 046033 (April 2020)

ZWEBEN SJ, Fredrickson ED, Myra JR, et al.,

MHD-blob correlations in NSTX

PHYS PLASMAS 27 052505 (May 2020)

ZHAI Y, Kalish M, Neumeyer C, et al.,

Design and analysis of NSTX-U inner poloidal field coils

IEEE TRANS. PLASMA SCI. 48 1415 (June 2020)

FANG J, Ellis R, Titus P,

Thermal and structural analysis of outboard divertor row 1&2 tiles for NSTX-U

IEEE TRANS. PLASMA SCI. 48 1468 (June 2020)

CAI D, Blanchard W, Cropper M,

Wall conditionng systems for the NSTX-U fusion device

IEEE TRANS. PLASMA SCI. 48 1591 (June 2020)

YANG F, Menard J

PyISOLVER - a fast OOP implementation of LRDFIT model

IEEE TRANS. PLASMA SCI. 48 1793 (June 2020)

BERTELLI N, Shiraiwa S, Kramer GJ, et al.,

3D full wave fast wave modeling with realistic antenna geometry and SOL plasma

AIP Conf. Proceedings, 23rd Topical Conference on Radiofrequency Power in Plasmas, Hefei, China, May 14-17, 2019

2254 030001 (June 2020)

ONO M, Bertelli N, Idei H, et al.,

Modeling of solenoid-free start-up using 2nd harmonic electron cyclotron heating and current drive in QUEST

AIP Conf. Proceedings, 23rd Topical Conference on Radiofrequency Power in Plasmas, Hefei, China, May 14-179

2254 090001 (June 2020)

LUMSDAINE A, Maingi R, Field KG, S.

Perspectives on the FESAC transformative enabling capabilities: Priorities, plans, and Status

FUSION ENG. DESIGN 155 111529 (June 2020)

RUIZ RUIZ J, Guttenfelder W, White AE, et al.,

Quantitative comparisons of electron-scale density fluctuation measurements in NSTX via synthetic diagnostics for high-k scattering


BATTAGLIA DJ, Guttenfelder W, Bell R, et al.,

Enhanced Pedestal H-mode at low edge ion collisionality on NSTX

PHYS PLASMAS 27 072511 (July 2020)

XU W, Hu JS, Sun Z, et al.,

Effect of lithium coating on long pulse high performance plasma discharges in EAST

PLASMA PHYS. CONTROLLED FUSION 62 085012 (August 2020)

BERKERY JW, Xia G, Sabbagh SA, et al,

Projected global stability of high beta MAST-U Spherical Tokamak plasmas,

PLASMA PHYS. CONTROLLED FUSION 62 085007 (August 2020)

BOYER, MD, Yuan X, Ahn JH, et al.,

Model predictive control of KSTAR equilibrium parameters enabled by TRANSP

NUCLEAR FUSION 60 096007 (September 2020)

GEIGER B, et al.,

Progress in modelling fast-ion D alpha spectra and NPA fluxes using FIDASIM

PLASMA PHYS. CONTROLLED FUSION 62 105008 (October 2020)

ONO M, Raman R,

Active radiative liquid lithium divertor for handling transient high heat flux event

J FUSION ENERGY 39 402 (October 2020)

MAINGI R, Hu JS, Sun Z, et al.,

ELM suppression by boron powder injection and comparison with lithium powder injection on EAST

J FUSION ENERGY 39 429 (October 2020)

GUO HY, Thio YCF, Binderbauer MW, et al.,

Innovative approaches towards an economic fusion reactor


WANG ZR, Glasser AH, Brennan D, et al.,

Modeling of resistive plasma response in toroidal geometry using an asymptotic matching approach

PHYS PLASMAS 27 122503 (December 2020)

Recently Accepted


Toward fusion plasma scenario planning for NSTX-U using machine-learning-accelerated models

Accepted for publication in Proceedings of Machine Learning (2020)


HAO GZ, Heidbrink WH, Liu YQ, et al.,

Centrifugal force driven low frequency mode in spherical tokamak


MYERS CE, Ferraro NM, Park J-K, et al.,

Catastrophic locking of the m/n=1/1 mode in sawtoothing tokamak discharges

Submitted to NUCLEAR FUSION LETT. (2020)

GRAY TK, Youchison DL, Ellis RE, et al.,

High heat flux testing of castellated of graphite plasma facing components

Submitted to FUSION SCI. TECH. (2020)

FREDRICKSON ED, Gorelenkov NN, Bell RE, et al.,

Chirping of 2nd Harmonic Ion Cyclotron Emission (ICE) on NSTX-U

Submitted to PHYS. PLASMAS (2020)

RAFIQ T, Kaye SM, Guttenfelder W, et al.,

Microtearing Instabilities and Electron Thermal Transport in Low and High Collisionality Discharges

Submitted to PHYS. PLASMAS (2020)

SUN Z, Diallo A, Maingi R, et al,

Suppression of edge localized mode using boron injection in a tokamak tungsten divertor

Submitted to PHYS. REV. LETT. (2020)

LUNSFORD R, Killer C, Nagy A, et al.,

Characterization of impurity injections on Wendelstein 7-X from a novel in-vacuo periodic particle source

Submitted to NUCLEAR FUSION (2020)