‎FY2019 Facility and Diagnostic Milestones‎

FY2019 Notable Outcomes for the NSTX-U Recovery Project:

Goal 2.0 - Design, Fabrication, Construction and Operation of Research Facilities

Goal 5.0 - Environment, Safety and Health 

(Incremental) Diagnostic Milestone ID(19-1): Install high kθ diagnostic system (September 30, 2019)

Description:  To measure electron-scale micro-turbulence in NSTX-U, the 280 GHz high-k tangential scattering system of NSTX will be replaced by a 693 GHz poloidal scattering system being developed by UC Davis for NSTX-U, thereby considerably enhancing planned turbulence physics studies by providing a measurement of the kθ-spectrum of ETG turbulence. This installation will only be carried out if sufficient resources are available.