Publications 2021

Publications 2021

SCOTTI F, Stotler DP, Bell RE, et al.,

Outer midplane neutral density measurements and H-mode fueling studies in NSTX-U

NUCLEAR FUSION 61 036002 (January 2021)

YANG J, Podesta M, Fredrickson ED

Synergy of coupled kink and tearing modes in fast ion transport

PLASMA PHYS. CONTROL. FUSION 63 045003 (February 2021)

GRAY TK, DL Youchison, RE Ellis, et al.,

High Heat Flux Testing of Castellated Graphite Plasma-Facing Components

FUSION SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY 77 9 (January 2021)

RAFIQ T, Kaye S, Guttenfelder W, et al.,

Microtearing instabilities and electron thermal transport in low and high collisionality NSTX discharges,

PHYS PLASMAS 28 022504 (February 2021)

ONCHI T, Idei H, Fukuyama M,

Non-inductive plasma current ramp-up throughoblique injection of harmonic electron cyclotronwaves on the QUEST spherical tokamak

PHYS PLASMAS 28 022505 (February 2021)

LAMPERT M, Diallo A, Myra JR

Dynamics of filaments during the edge-localized mode crash on NSTX

PHYS. PLASMAS 28 022304 (February 2021)

KHODAK A, Loesser D, Messineo M, et al.,  

Design and Analysis of High Heat Flux Plasma-Facing Components for NSTX Upgrade



Inversion technique to obtain local ion temperature profiles for an axisymmetric plasma with toroidal and radial velocities


SCOTTI F, Stotler DP, Bell RE, et al.,

Outer midplane neutral densitymeasurements and H-mode fueling studiesin NSTX-U

NUCL. FUSION 61 036002 (March 2021)

ZWEBEN SJ, Diallo A, Lampert M, ET AL.

Edge turbulence velocity preceding the L­H transition in NSTX

PHYS. PLASMAS 28 032304 (March 2021)

LIU C, Brennan DP, Lvovskiy A, et al.,
Compressional Alfvén eigenmodes excited by runaway electrons
NUCL.FUSION 61 036011 (March 2021)


Application of electrode-based systems for tokamak and stellarator concepts

J. PLASMA FUSION RES., 97 3-11 (2021)

TANG SX, Carter TA, Crocker NA, et al., 

Stabilization of Alfvén Eigenmodes in DIII-D via Controlled Energetic Ion Density Ramp and Validation of Theory and Simulations

PHYS. REV. LETT. 126 155001 (April 2021)

BOYER MD, Chadwick J,

Prediction of electron density and pressure profile shapes on NSTX-U using neural networks

NUCL. FUSION 61 046024 (April 2021)

KURODA K, Raman R, Hasegawa M, et al,

Initial results from high-field side transient CHI start-up on QUEST

PLASMA and FUSION RESEARCH 61 2402048 (April 2021)

GUTTENFELDER, WG, RJ Groebner, JM Canik, et al.,

Testing predictions of electron scale turbulent pedestal transport in two ELMY DIII-D discharges

NUCL. FUSION 61 056005 (May 2021)

BIERWAGE, A, RB White, VN Duarte,

On the effect of beating during nonlinear frequency chirping

PLASMA and FUSION RESEARCH 16 1403087 (May 2021)

KLEINER A, NM Ferraro, A Diallo, et al.,

Importance of resistivity on edge localized mode onset in spherical tokamaks

NUCL. FUSION 61 064002 (June 2021)

LESTZ JB and Duarte VN, 

Analytic quasi-steady evolution of marginally unstable kinetic plasma instabilities in the presence of drag and scattering

PHYS. PLASMAS 28 062102 (June 2021).

VERDOOLAEGE G, SM Kaye, C Angioni, et al.,

The updated ITPA global H-mode confinement database: description and analysis

NUCL. FUSION 61 076006 (July 2021)

MUNARETTO S, Strait EJ and Logan NC,
Optimizing the differential connection schemes for detecting 3D magnetic perturbations in DIII-D

REV. SCI. INST. 92 073504 (July 2021)

FREDRICKSON ED, NN Gorelenkov, RE Bell, et al.,

Chirping ion cyclotron emission (ICE) on NSTX-U

NUCL. FUSION 61 086007 (August 2021)

LESTZ J, Belova E, Gorelenkov N,

Hybrid simulations of sub-cyclotron compressional and global Alfvén Eigenmode stability in spherical tokamaks

NUCL. FUSION  61 086016 (August 2021)

LAMPERT M, Diallo A, Zweben SJ

Novel 2D velocity estimation method for large transient events in plasmas

REV. SCI. INST. 92, 083508 (August 2021)

LUNSFORD R, Killer C, Nagy A, et al.,

Characterization of injection and confinement improvement through impurity induced profile modifications on Wendelstein 7-X

PHYS. PLASMAS 28, 082506 (August 2021)

KOJIMA S, Hanada K, Idei H, et al.,
Observation of second harmonic electron cyclotron resonance heating and current-drive transition during non-inductive plasma start-up experiment in QUEST

PLASMA PHYS. CONT. FUSION 63 105002 (August 2021)

KHRABRY AI , Soukhanovskii VA, T.D. Rognlien TD, et. al.

Modeling snowflake divertors in MAST-U tokamak using UEDGE code

NUCL. MATER. ENERGY 26 100896 (October 2021) 

KHODAK A and Maingi R

Modeling of liquid lithium flow in porous plasma facing material

NUCL. MATER. ENERGY 26 100935 (October 2021) 

CLAUSER CF, Jardin SC, Raman R, et al., 

Modeling of carbon pellets disruption mitigation in an NSTX-U plasma

NUCL. FUSION 61 116003 (November 2021)

LIU C, Zhao C, Jardin SC, et al.,

Self-consistent simulation of resistive kink instabilities with runaway electrons
PLASMA PHYS. CONTROLLED FUSION 63 125031 (November 2021)


Microturbulence-mediated route for energetic ion transport and Alfvénic mode intermittency in tokamaks

PHYS. LETT. A 386 126944 (December 2021)

KAYE SM, Connor JW, Roach CM

Thermal confinement and transport in Spherical Tokamaks: A Review

PLASMA PHYS. CONTROLLED FUSION 63 123001 (December 2021)

RAMAN R, Lunsford R, Clauser CF, et al.,
Prototype tests of the electromagnetic particle injector-2 for fast time response disruption mitigation in tokamaks
NUCL. FUSION 61 126034 (December 2021)