User Information Form

NSTX-U is a DOE Office of Science (SC) user facility and is required to track and annually report user statistics.

To support this requirement, the NSTX-U Program maintains a user database. This database contains:

  • Facility user data fields required by SC

  • Additional fields useful for characterizing the research or engineering work of NSTX-U users

  • User selections to receive (or not) NSTX-U group e-mails

A very important required data field is the "User Type" defined as follows:

  • On-Site User: An individual who is physically present at the facility and involved in planning, preparation, execution, and analysis of one or more approved experiments on the facility.

  • Remote Users: An individual who has been granted authority to participate remotely in experimental planning, execution, and data analysis.

  • Data Users: An individual who reduces and/or analyzes data provided by the facility but did not participate in the collection, calibration, or reconstruction of that data and who is neither an On-Site or Remote User.

Please enter or update your user information with this NSTX-U User Form by logging in with your PPPL account username and password.

Additional notes:

  • If you do not have a PPPL account, a new PPPL account must be obtained, and this can be requested by your PPPL host.

  • If any information at the top of your form is incorrect (such as the citizenship or home institution ZIP code), please contact Masa Ono ( for assistance.

  • If your home institution is not listed, there is a small box which you can click to enter your country and home institution.

  • For any other issues with this User Form, please contact Masa Ono (