From Unit Tests To Defensive Programming

Come enjoy a wonderful weekend in beautiful Elsinore, and learn how to reduce your unit testing waste while increasing customer confidence and improving your customer partnership at the same time.


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In our earlier seminars, and in our viral web papers on unit testing, we showed how most unit testing is waste. We even took the message to one of the industry's premier testing conferences: the FiSTB Assembly in Helsinki. In this follow-up seminar we look at Chapter 2 of the problems with unit testing. But, beyond that, we will show the way to use your unit test designs to drive a low-cost software quality program that will harden your software over time. By pushing testing considerations back into the design world, we can find problems earlier (during design) and can greatly reduce that problem that we all know about but never discuss: the corruption of customer data by our application.

Helsingør, Denmark

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9:30 am - 3pm

Bonusevent from 3pm to 5pm

3000 DKK plus VAT