Scrum Project Launch

In our Scrum Project Launch we take your whole Scrum team (Scrum Master, Product Owner and Team members) off-site and make a plan for your project. We will teach, coach and make sure the Scrum team comes out with an outcome they can believe in. This is a premier work/training experience that will get your development off the the right start, saving false starts and expensive rework later.

Our off-site venue is in the southern Swedish woods at Stora Nyteboda, about two hours from Copenhagen Airport.

We offer 2, 3 or 5 day kick-offs, dependent on your level of Agile understanding, size of the projects, etc.

With a team fairly new to agile, a typical five day kick-off looks like this:

Day 0

    People gather during the evening.

Day 1-2

    A Certified Scrum Master class that is tailored to your project.

Day 3

    Scrum team activities, defining:
  • Techniques used to build Product Backlog
  • When and where to conduct Daily Scrum
  • Definition of DONE
  • Social Contract
  • Job description
  • etc.

Day 4-5

  • Building a Product Backlog
  • Building a release plan
  • Conducting Sprint Planning

Day 6 (first day at home)

    Go home and start your Sprint!

Interested? Contact us.