Advanced references to take your accomplishment to the next level

A five-star Amazon book, Organizational Patterns is the definitive book on Agile software development. The work behind it was the source of daily Scrums and of the structure of Extreme Programming.

Organizational Patterns — Now in Japanese!

A book you'll either love or hate, read it to find that can use C++ — or most expressive programming languages — in powerful ways that outstrip simple, reductionist OO notions. A book for the mature reader.

Lean Architecture Book

Agile architecture is not fragile architecture! Learn how you can elegantly dovetail lightweight up-front design with your powerful Agile process.

This timeless book on program design happens to use C++ as its delivery vehicle. Its foresight and power propelled it to be one of the three foundations of the GOF book.

The critically acclaimed de facto Scrum standard, from the world's authorities on the topic.