Rakuten Technology Award

On 26 October, 2013, Jim Coplien received the Rakuten Silver Technology award. This award was given in recognition of Cope's contribution to technology through the development of Organizational Patterns in the Pasteur program started under Eric Sumner, Jr. in Bell Laboratories Research.

Cope has long been teaching and applying Organizational Patterns ideas in Japan, and is one of the pioneers in the Japanese pattern movement that laid the foundations for agile development in Japan.

Other distinguished award recipients (holding certificates, above, from left):

  • Yuki Tori, organizer of Rails Girls Tokyo

  • Hourin Hiroyuki, Open Source moderator

  • Satosi Matsuoka, recipient of the Gold Award for his work on Green Supercomputing

  • Jim Coplien

  • Makato Shirota, author and researcher in emerging IT technology