Agile Health Checks

Making sure your development program is on the right track

How Agile are you?

Actually, there are no points for being the most Agile! But we can look at your organization and find places where there are opportunities for Agile approaches that can help you meet your business objectives. We also take the unconventional position of investigating the Agile approaches you are using that may detract from your ROI.

We have several tools in our toolkit. We can bring our toolkit to your house, and together we can analyze your organization

Organizational Health Checks

We engage your team in a half-day exercise to build a model of their workflow and communication network, and then guide the team as it debriefs itself on the results. This is a powerful foundation for process improvements and reorganizations. We can prepare a report for you that stacks you up against the competition and that scores you on your use of fundamental Agile practices. Read more here.

Architectural Audits

We provide a very low-cost approach to architectural review that requires very little preparation by your team, but which never fails to pinpoint the architectural strengths and weaknesses of your system. Contact Us for details.

Product Backlog Audits

Are you getting top ROI from your Scrum or other Agile project? Let us spend a day with you to audit your product backlog. We help you ensure that the top Product Backlog Items (PBIs) are sound, enabling specifications ready to go into your next two sprints. We look for your management of dependencies between PBIs, for premature design and coding decisions (as are often found when designers write PBIs), for proper granularity, for uniform treatment of functional and non-functional requirements, and for good leanness in your approach.

The way you conduct the review as a good learning experience for the whole team of developers who get an excellent opportunity for knowledge sharing and acquisition... I should also say that you've surprised me with how fast you've provided the conclusions; I would have expected you to deliver them 1-2 weeks after the review, and you did it in 1-2 days... You've accomplished in one day what a whole team of CMM assessors would have to spend many days to conclude and recommend. — Leise Passer Jensen, SW CMM Assessor, Agile Project Manager, e-conomic.