TDD, FDD, BDD and others: what is the buzz in agile?

Clear the fog and get beyond the hype

Most agile projects are driven by features, some by tests, and a few by behaviors (also known as use case driven). Are these approaches equally good? Is any one better? Does it really make a difference in agile development?

After Gertrud Bjørnvig’s introduction to the three popular approaches—Feature Driven Development, Test-Driven Development, and Behavior Driven Development—you will join a team and receive a project assignment with the requirement to use one of these three approaches. Each team will describe the functionality of a system as features, user stories/test cases, or use cases, depending on their approach. You will plan iterations and must show your customers and managers how you will ensure the usability and quality of the product.

Join Gertrud Bjørnvig to explore and discuss consequences of the different approaches for each area in the project: design, test, planning, usability, quality, and efficiency. Take away a new appreciation for alternate methods for agile development. Pick the one that works best for your team—or combine elements of all three and make up your own methodology.