Gertrud Bjørnvig

CEO, Software Consultant, Agile Coach, and Trainer 

Gertrud Bjørnvig lives in Denmark with her husband and son.

The main job for Gertrud is to run the business of Gertrud & Cope.

She also loves to train, facilitate, and coach everything having to do with Scrum, Agile, and Patterns.

With her long experience within software development she can integrate what we know works from the past with the new inspiring way of doing things. Why is product development with Scrum better than traditional project management? And why are user stories such a limited approach to software requirements? Having been a part of the software industry since the mid-80s, makes Gertrud a perfect partner when you want to integrate learning from many years of successes and failures in software development with the newest ideas. Many things change — and some don't... And Gertrud likes to be in front — without losing what we can learn from the past.

In her spare time Gertrud prefers to be with horses. Horses are the best teachers you can get, if you want to learn about life and yourself. Maybe we can even learn from horses when it comes to software development! One day, Gertrud would like to invite you to a workshop: “How horses can teach you Scrum”.