Gertrud Bjørnvig

Software Consultant, Agile Coach, and Trainer 

Gertrud Bjørnvig lives in Denmark with her husband and son.

Gertrud is an experienced software consultant and trainer who has been in software development since 1984. She has been working on development teams as a developer, analyst, and project manager, and she has had cross-organizational roles as methodologist and process consultant. Her background is in object-oriented development, including extensive work with UML and RUP in her former lives. She has been employed by Enator, Navision, Microsoft, and TietoEnator. Since June 2007 she has been independent as a part of Gertrud & Cope.

Today Gertrud focuses on Agile and Lean software development. She does courses and consultancy in user stories, use cases, and product backlogs. Together with her partner Jim Coplien, she also does agile assessments and agile team analysis based on organizational patterns. Her favorite development framework is Scrum. Gertrud has a hobby as a “Software Development Anthropologist” where she analyses trends and practices in software development through the glasses of an anthropologist. She holds a master in Computer Science and Communication, and her more than 20-year-old master thesis combined computer science, multimedia, and anthropology. So the interest for anthropology began long time ago.