Gertrud & Cope Consultancy

Focusing on the full breadth and depth of healthy software development

As a Team

... we focus on helping your team become more of a team. Jointly, we can introduce you to Agile management approaches and Scrum. We can take your team through the renewal of a retrospective. We can take your team through a powerful organizational analysis that will be a foundation to learn and grow. We would love to work with you as you put a software pattern program in place, either as a purely technical investment or with an eye to team-building and development. We have worked with groups as small as two people and as large as fifty. We serve a diverse international clientelle with clients in the Nordic Countries, Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and the United States.

One of our specialities is Agile Health Checks that range from architectural audits to a thorough analysis of your product backlog and product plan. See the Agile Health Checks page.

Gertrud Bjørnvig

... specializes in Agile Requirements, Use Cases, and retrospectives. Have Gertrud bring your team up to speed on the fine points of product backlog construction to align expectations between your requirements folks, your development team, and your testers. Have her guide your understanding about how best to utilize your user experience and usability people in your overall development process.

Jim Coplien

... specializes in organizational issues and system architecture with an eye to usability. Have Jim lend years of architecture experience by reviewing your new system architecture. Have him work with you to improve the interaction design of your key customer-facing computer interfaces. Have him work with you to refine and re-design your development organization to optimize communication, effectiveness, and quality of work life.