Gertrud & Cope

Agile Software Development - Consultancy, Coaching & Training

Gertrud & Cope is a small family business driven by Gertrud Bjørnvig and Jim Coplien.

We focus on Agile & Lean software development integrated with the power of architecture and usability. We serve a wide variety of software development cultures, but our focus and specialty is Scrum. Our services include Agile Requirements, Lean Architecture, Agile Usability, Lean Test, and Agile Organizational Analysis.

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Reach us at E-mail names gertrud or cope, at the domain

Gertrud & Cope are proud sponsors of ScrumPLoP. Read about the Rakuten Technology Award with which we were honored in Japan.

Upcoming Events

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CSM, Tokyo (via Zoom), 5 - 8 February

CSPO, Tokyo (via Zoom), 12 - 15 March

CSM, Tokyo (via Zoom), 21 - 24 May

CSM, Timişoara, Romania, 9 - 10 April