Statement of Purpose

Statement of Purpose for the Mathematics Department

To further the mission of Austin Community College, the Mathematics Department has the following purposes:

The general purpose of all mathematics courses is to help students to think critically and precisely, and to apply mathematical principles to their lives.

The purposes of developmental mathematics courses are:

    • to prepare students to be successful in college credit mathematics courses
    • to provide support services for students in mathematics and mathematics related courses
    • to provide the general mathematics foundation needed for success in college courses.

The purposes of the college credit mathematics courses are:

    • to provide students in mathematically intense fields with the mathematical knowledge and skills necessary for transfer and success at a baccalaureate degree granting institution
    • to provide mathematics service courses that support both two-year degree programs and programs that transfer to baccalaureate degree granting institutions
    • to provide students with general education mathematics courses.

Learn more about ACC's vision, mission, and values by reading Board Policy A-1.