The Village of


Tyler M. Eblin, Mayor


Activities and Events

Living in the Village of Rutland has its perks - a number of them being fun-filled community events. The Village is proud to boast its traditional annual fireworks display that draws hundreds of visitors from neighboring communities near and far, as well as other bucolic events that are perfect for families and children.
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Community Organizations

The Village of Rutland is the proud home of four community organizations. The Village understands the importance of active community organizations and their impact on Village residents, visitors and businesses, and thus encourages residents, neighboring residents, businesses and other organizations to partner among one another and develop additional organizations aimed at meeting the needs of the community.
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Public education in the Village of Rutland is provided by the Meigs Local School District, who also provides public education to the nearby villages of Middleport and Pomeroy. The District operates four schools, one of which contains two schools in one building and is located adjacent to the corporation limits of the Village.
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Garbage Collection

Garbage collection in the Village of Rutland is provided by independent garbage collection providers.
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The Village of Rutland is the proud home of 11 businesses, including automotive sales and repair; food and carry out; funeral services; garbage collection; general convenience; general excavation; and propane service with over 220 years of combined customer service.
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Taxes and Fees

The Village of Rutland levies real estate taxes, a motor vehicle license plate tax and miscellaneous fees for the purpose of financing the general operating, public service and payroll expenses of the Village.
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Residents in the Village of Rutland enjoy a number of public utilities such as cable and internet, electricity, natural gas, municipal water, and sanitary sewer.
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