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Tyler M. Eblin, Mayor


Tyler M. Eblin, Chairman


The Village Municipal Records Commission is a statutory body created by the Rutland Municipal Code to develop and maintain a record retention schedule and to determine the final disposition of all records of the Village. The Records Commission meets the first Monday in July and December annually.

Contact Information

Rose Eskew, Records Manager
Rutland Civic Center-Village Hall337 Main Street, Post Office Box 297Rutland, Ohio 45775Telephone: (740) 742 2121 Ext. 1007📧 Send an e-Mail
Municipal Records Commission
  • Mayor Tyler M. Eblin, Chairperson
  • Delaynie Potts, Member
  • Robert W. Bright, Member
  • (Vacant), Resident Member

Public Records Generally

The Village of Rutland keeps and maintains records of its affairs and instruments which governs and documents its business and operations. Much of these records are privy to the general public, which means the general public has the lawful right to inspect certain records. All public records must be made available for public inspection; and through this page, you can learn more about the process of inspecting our public records.

A public record is:

What records are exempt from public inspection?

The Ohio Public Records Act enumerates certain records protected from public inspection. This means that such records may not be accessed, viewed or copied by the general public. Such records are those set forth in Ohio Rev. Code Sec. 149.43(A)(1)(a)-(mm).

How may I request a public record?

Any person may request a public record in person, in writing, by fax or by telephone. Upon receiving the request, a public official from the Village of Rutland will fulfill the request as soon as possible. This fulfillment time is factored based upon the record requested and the time needed to locate and extract the record from the Village archives repository. It is important to note the Village is comprised of part-time staff with limited support staff, which may result in delays in the fulfillment of public record requests.

Request a Public Record In Person

Rutland Civic Center and Village HallMayor and Council Chamber337 Main StreetRutland, Ohio 45775Business Hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Request a Public Record In Writing (By Mail)

Rutland Civic Center and Village HallAttn: Village Fiscal Officer337 Main StreetRutland, Ohio 45775

Request a Public Record In Writing (By eMail)

📧 Send an e-Mail

Municipal Record Policies and Procedures

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Records Approved for Disposal by Municipal Records Commission

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Schedule of Municipal Record Retention and Disposition

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