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The Village of Rutland Public Service Department was created by an Ordinance of the Rutland Village Council on March 7, 2022 as a replacement to the Village of Rutland Maintenance Department, which was dissolved in 2012. The head of the Department is the Village Street Commissioner and the Department is comprised of the Commissioner and one to two maintenance laborers.

The Service Department is responsible for the improvement, maintenance, repair and servicing of streets and bridges, streams, sidewalks, sewers, drains, ditches and culverts. The Department is also responsible for the improvement, maintenance, repair and servicing of all public buildings and spaces owned by the Village of Rutland; and for the maintenance of lighting, sprinkling and cleaning of all public places.

The Leading Creek Conservancy District serves the Village in providing sanitary sewer collection and treatment as well as municipal water services. The services of the District are overseen by the Leading Creek Conservancy District Board of Directors. The Village of Rutland does not own, operate or administer sanitary sewer or municipal water services in the Village.


William GrubaughVillage Street Commissioner
Rutland Civic Center-Village Hall337 Main Street, Suite 108Rutland, Ohio 45775
Telephone: (740) 742 2121 Ext. 1004
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William Grubaugh

Street Commissioner

Capital Improvement ProjectsLearn more about ongoing projects to improve the infrastructure of the Village.

The Village Service Department administers all public works and service projects in the Village of Rutland. These projects include temporary and permanent improvements to Village facilities and infrastructure, such as buildings, grounds, streets, sidewalks and storm sewers. It should be noted that the Village Service Department is not responsible for the maintenance and repair of the municipal water distribution and sanitary sewer collection and treatment sewer system.

Annually, the Village Commissioner meets with the Mayor to discuss improvements warranted in the Village. Engineering consultation occurs as necessary. Once a project is developed, a proposal, along with a budget, is submitted to the Village Council during its annual appropriations hearing. Projects to which funding has been allocated by the Village Council are then scheduled for completion during the fiscal year during which funding has been allocated.

Engaging in Public ServiceSubmit and track work orders to fix public facility and street issues.

The Department of Public Service is partnering with Village residents and stakeholders through its Public Service Assist program to ensure Village assets receive appropriate and timely repair. Village residents and stakeholders may utilize the online Public Service Assist Work Order Entry tool to report a problem in the Village that requires maintenance or repair. Even better, Public Service Assist allows residents and stakeholders to track the progress of the repair of issues reported through the PSA program. From potholes to sinkholes, report and track a problem by clicking the appropriate links provided.

Submit a Work Order to Report a Problem >

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Responsibilities of the Department of Public ServiceLearn more about the role of the Village Public Service Department.

Buildings and Grounds Maintenance

The Village Service Department is responsible for the maintenance of all buildings and grounds owned by the Village of Rutland. The Department oversees and provides all maintenance and repair services to the James Vennari Memorial Park, Sammy Robinson Field and the Rutland Civic Center.

Our community's flower beds located at the east corporation limit, the intersection of Depot and Main streets, Jim Vennari Park, Rutland Civic Center and Rutland Post Office are each maintained by community volunteers who dedicate their time and resources to promote beautification in the Village of Rutland. The Mayor and Village Council each extend their sincere appreciation to all of those who dedicate their time to keep our community looking attractive and welcoming.

Street Maintenance, Construction and Repair

The Village Service Department is responsible for the maintenance of 22 public roads in its jurisdiction, including one state highway. As the Department continues its organization, the Village Street Commissioner relies on rented equipment and the contractual assistance of other agencies.

We want to ensure that our roads are in fair, if not, excellent, condition for your local travel. Our comprehensive Street Listing (Coming Soon!) enumerates the public roads under the jurisdiction of the Village of Rutland, the number of housing units situated along the street, the street's condition, and any existing work orders. If your neighborhood is experiencing street issues, please submit a work order.

Street Lighting

The Village Street Commissioner oversees all lighting in the Village of Rutland. Streetlights are provided through a contractual services agreement with the Ohio Power Company. Situated throughout the Village are 42 streetlights, each of which are maintained by the Ohio Power Company under the direction of the Village Street Commissioner. If your neighborhood is experiencing a faulty or inoperable streetlight, please report the issue by submitting a work order.

Sanitary Sewer Upgrade ProjectLearn more about the Rutland Sanitary Sewer Upgrade Project.

Residential sanitary sewer systems in the Village have recently undergone replacement through the Rutland Sanitary Sewer Improvement Project, which was launched in October of 2021. The project was overseen by the Meigs County Board of Commissioners with Bear Contracting as the General Contractor. The project involved complete replacement of all existing grinder pumps with septic tanks connected to the Village's centralized wastewater collection and treatment system.

During the project, each residence received a new, 1,000-gallon septic tank, replacing the obsolete grinder pumps, wherein solid matter will settle, and gray water will be pumped out through the centralized collection lines and to the wastewater treatment plant. As part of ongoing maintenance, the Meigs County Sewer and Water District will pump out solid matter as routinely needed.

The project involved removal of the existing grinder pump system on the property of each residence and replace the existing system with the new septic tank system, replacing only the line(s), as needed, from the new septic tank system to the curb stop. Work is estimated to be completed in early spring of 2022, ahead of the original estimated completion date.

The following questions were presented during a public hearing held prior to the start of the project.

Q: Will flooding be an issue for the new septic tank systems? 

A: No, the new septic tank systems will be sealed tight, underground, and shouldn't be affected by flooding.

Q: Is attaching the alarm boxes to the houses necessary?

A: No, system alarm boxes may be attached to the house or secured to a freestanding post, depending on the property owner's preference.

Q: Will RID-X be used as treatment for solid matter in the new septic tank systems?

A: Maybe, RID-X or a similar treatment compound may be incorporated into the routine maintenance plan.

Q: Will an inspector oversee the implementation of the project?

A: Yes, a qualified inspector selected by the Meigs County Commissioners will be responsible for inspection of the new septic tank systems as they are installed in each property. The project will be overseen daily by the Meigs County Commissioners.

Q: What will be the new impression in the yard with the new septic tank system?

A: Each individual septic tank system will have a secured covering through which the system can be accessed.

Q: Will a power outage have an affect on the pump?

A: Yes, if power failure occurs, pumps in the new septic tank systems will not operate; however, the septic tank systems can be connected onto generators, if opted.

Q: Will additional pumping stations be required?

A: No, additional pumping stations will not be required.

Q: What if a property has insufficient space to install a new septic tank?

A: Engineers overseeing the implemtation of the project will review this issue on a case by case basis and determine a solution that is best for both the system and the resident.

Q: Will my water and sewer bill increase?

A: Yes, water and sewer bills will increase gradually as part of the 10-year asset management plan mandated by the State of Ohio, with small, incremental increases each plan year. The Meigs County Sewer and Water District is currently in year 7 of this 10-year asset management plan.

Q: Will the new septic tank system reduce or stop the smell of sewerage in the Village?

A: Yes, the new septic tank system will rid the Village of sewer odors.

Q: Will the septic tank system pumps be loud?

A: Noise from the new septic tank system pumps will not be as loud of those from the existing grinder pumps.

Q: How often will septic tank system pumps run?

A: The new septic tank system pumps should run minimally, depending on the amount of gray water in the tank requiring a pump out to the wastewater treatment plant.

Q: What is the warranty period for the new septic tank systems?

A: The warranty period for the new septic tank systems is 10 years, which should be standard and easy to replace and locate parts if needed.

The Meigs County Sewer and Water District was formed after the Village of Rutland Water and Sewer Department was discontinued in 2012. The District, overseen by the Meigs County Commissioners, has since absorbed all assets, debts and operations of the once functional Village Water and Sewer Department and provides water distribution and wastewater collection and treatment utilities to the Village of Rutland as well as some unincorporated areas of Rutland Township.

Questions and concerns regarding the Rutland sanitary sewer project should be directed to the Meigs County Commissioners by calling (740) 992-2895.

Water and Sanitary Sewer ServicesLearn more about public water and sanitary sewer services provided to the Village.

Businesses and homes in the Village of Rutland are supplied public water and receive public sewage collection and treatment services by a centralized system owned and operated by a regional water and sewer district known as Leading Creek Conservancy District.

Payment of Bills

Those receiving public water and sewer services in the Village of Rutland are billed by the Leading Creek Conservancy District. Payment of water and sewer bills may be remitted by depositing the payments in the drop box located at the LCCD administrative offices.

The Village of Rutland does not accept any payment of water and sewer bills.

Questions about Billing

If you have questions concerning your bill or payments, please contact the Leading Creek Conservancy District by telephone at (740) 742 2411.

Reporting System Issues

If you are experiencing an issue or malfunction with your septic system, please contact the Leading Creek Conservancy District emergency number at (740) 742 3136 and follow the prompts; or the Meigs County Commission Clerk's Office at (740) 992 2895. If you continue to experience issues, as last resort, you may contact the Mayor's Office at (740) 742 2121.

Meet your Street CommissionerLearn more about your Street Commissioner.

William Grubaugh, Jr., Village Street Commissioner