Reimagined Gameplay Features

This page lists all the features and functions specific to TFTC Reimagined. It should be noted that Reimagined has significant differences from vanilla XWA and TFTC Classic in how certain things will function. This list may be updated as new things are added.


  • 9 Battle campaigns plus an additional training Battle campaign (Battle 0) that contains four mandatory reimagined training missions to bring players up to speed plus one extra mission that transitions you into the story to Battle 1.

  • All 28 original training missions, which can be found in the Simulator room, can still be played but have NOT been Reimagined. These missions are designed to be played in TFTC Classic and as such there may be different behaviours and balance issues when played in Reimagined.

  • An expanded and more fleshed out story of the original TIE Fighter containing much tighter narrative continuity as well as expanding the ideas and concepts behind the original story to fit with the greater scope and scale of Reimagined.

  • New ships and stations! Encounter a variety of new ship types from fighters to starships that are not present in TFTC Classic or even vanilla XWA.

  • Significantly larger battles, occasionally involving over 200 ships!

  • While some missions are simply larger, expanded versions of their Classic counterparts, as you progress you will find that missions become more and more unique and sometimes completely different from their Classic counterparts whilst retaining the original storyline.

  • All new voiceovers for the briefings and inflight dialogue (though some occasional TFTC Classic inflight voiceovers are still used).

  • All the original cutscenes including the Secret Order promotions are still used, though a new intro cutscene is being built by the infamous Otaking. It is also our intention to eventually replace all the cutscene voiceovers with dialogue from our new voice actors to maintain consistency in-game.

  • All the original medals and the Secret Order tattoos are still present just like TFTC Classic.

Gameplay Differences vs TFTC Classic

  • Starships and stations have point defence behaviour which will automatically attempt to shoot down and destroy any incoming warheads aimed at them. This encourages the player to use dumb-fire tactics instead of using your targeting computer to lock on, in order to bypass this defence.

  • Starship engine wash damage can damage your craft.

  • Starship and stations will jam your weapon systems if you get too close.

  • Missile impacts will cause your ship to spin uncontrollably for a few seconds. The duration and intensity of the spin is affected by your speed. The faster you go, the worse it is.

  • Countermeasures are available using Chaff or Flares.

  • Explosions cause splash damage to your craft. The bigger the ship, the greater the radius and damage done to you.

  • Maneuvering speed is affected by your current throttle speed. To achieve maximum turn rates, you must set your throttle to one third.

  • No limitations on the number of fighters that can attack the player at any one time.

  • AI ships can overcharge their shields to 200%.

  • All laser ranges are significantly greater than in TFTC Classic. Warhead lock ranges remain the same.

  • All starships are balanced differently to Classic and have significantly more firepower in some cases.