TFTC Classic Overview

The original aim of the TFTC project was to port the original TIE Fighter into the X-Wing Alliance engine. When Angel took over as leader of the project, this original aim significantly expanded in scope as the idea was born to not just port the original missions, but to reimagine them as well into something grander in scope and scale. However, we still wanted to ensure that the original game, with as much of its original content as possible kept, was available to the fans of the series, as well as presenting a 'what if' scenario of TIE Fighter given the significantly enhanced capabilities of the XWA engine. The project was therefore split into two separate, playable modes: TFTC Classic and TFTC Reimagined.

TFTC Classic is the original TIE Fighter, with all 13 Tour of Duty campaigns from the base game and two expansions Defenders of the Empire and Enemies of the Empire. It contains all the original voiceover briefings, inflight dialogue, cutscenes and mission content as well as all 28 training missions and even the demo mission released a few months before the game in 1994. However there are some technical and gameplay differences between the original TIE Fighter engine and the XWA engine. The TFTC team have done their best to try and maintain as much of the original gameplay as possible, but there are a few exceptions, the most notable of which is that all the Secret Order hidden objectives are now listed as mandatory, primary goals.

This was because there are no character interactions with the Briefing Officer or Cloaked Figure as per the original game and the briefing texts in XWA are strictly linear with no ability to change or modify it based on gameplay events in any given mission. As we wanted to include all the Secret Order content, it was decided for narrative consistency that it would be best to make them primary goals to complete. This does shift some of the gameplay a little but we've done our best to ensure it is still as close to the original experience as possible. We are hoping one day this will change as we continue to expand the capabilities of the XWA engine, but for now this is how it must be. Other differences include faster laser speeds and the timed obstacle course is not present, as it was not possible to replicate in XWA.

Nonetheless we feel confident this is as close to an official remaster of TIE Fighter as you will ever get but we will continue to strive for further improvements.

Please note the below video has some out of date information at this point as things like torpedo behaviour has been fixed to match Classic!