Joysticks & Controllers

XWAU and TFTC support a variety of different joysticks and controllers but there can still be some issues in getting these to work properly, particularly with various throttle and axis binds. If you wish to tweak your joystick or controller settings, the XWAU mod contains a community-built configurator which allows more modern HOTAS joystick and controller support and configuration. We have collected several pre-configured profiles for you on a variety of joysticks and controllers to download as well as listing some common issues.

GitHub TFTC Joystick Resource Page

This page will list a number of different joystick and controller profiles. Please join our Discord server and post in the #joysticks-and-controllers channel for any further assistance. Currently available profiles are as follows:

  • Thrustmaster Target T1600M FCS

  • Thrustmaster Warthog

  • Thrustmater T-flight Hotasx

  • Logitech G Saitek X52

  • Logitech G Saitek X56

  • Logitech Extreme 3D Pro

  • Logitech Precision Gamepad

  • CH Products Combat Stick 568 + Pedals

  • VPC Constellation Alpha

  • VBK Gladiator NXT

  • XBox One

  • XBox 360

  • PS4/DS4

  • Nintendo Switch Gamepad

Joystick Configurator

XWAU and TFTC contain a custom made joystick configuration program that will allow you to fine tune your joystick or controller as necessary. To access it, open the game launcher and select Joystick Configurator. You can also access it ingame by going to the ESC menu and clicking on 'Use XwaJoystickConfig to Remap Buttons'. It will then tab out of the game and open the configurator this way.

Additional Information

  • A common issue is for the player to find themselves endlessly spinning or rolling about. First be sure to disable the Rudder in the in-game menu which can be accessed by pressing ESC. Also in the joystick configurator, you can modify the axis controls or even bind an axis to a non-existent controller ID to stop some rolling or spinning issues.

  • If you neither have a joystick nor a controller, the game can be controlled purely by keyboard and mouse. To do this, use the Babu Frik Configurator to turn on joystick emulation and set the mouse sensitivity. You can even just use the keyboard if you want!

  • If you still find yourself facing issues, please join our Discord server and head over to the #joysticks-and-controllers section for assistance, the community will be happy to help try and resolve your problems!