Keyboard Layout

Below you will find a listing of all keybinds specific to XWA. Some additional keybinds have been added to both XWAU and TFTC. Keyboard bindings cannot be rebound to different keys, this is an unfortunate limitation of the XWA engine.

Video Game Keyboard Database for XWA

The below site shows you all the default Vanilla XWA controls. You can visit this site directly by clicking here.

Ingame screenshot of all vanilla controls.

Additional Controls added by XWAU and TFTC

Player craft controls

CTRL + L: Toggle Landing Gears

K: Toggle SLAM System

Player Camera controls (works both with and without VR)

Arrow keys: Lean left/right/up/down.

SHIFT + Up/Down: Lean forwards/backwards.

CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + Right/Left: Adjust Field of View (FOV)

CTRL + F: Cycle between predefined FOVs

SCRLK: Toggle Mouse Look

Game Speed Toggle

CTRL + Q: Toggle fast time compression on/off. 

CTRL + A: Toggle slowmo on/off. 

General DDraw Engine controls

CTRL + I: Toggle Inertia movement

D: Switch between Dynamic Cockpit and regular HUD

CTRL+ALT+END: Turn off all HUD elements including the targeting reticule.

CTRL + D: Toggle Laser Illumination on/off

CTRL + H: Toggle Cockpit Holographic Displays

CTRL + Right/Left: Adjust aspect ratio

CTRL + Up/Down: Adjust global scale

CTRL + SHIFT+ALT + Up/Down: Adjust stereoscopy strength

Post Processing Controls

CTRL + ALT + A: Toggle Bloom effect


CTRL + ALT + P: Toggle Indirect Lighting when SSDO is active

CTRL + ALT + N: Toggle Normal Mapping

CTRL + ALT + G: Toggle Greeble effect

CTRL + ALT + F: Toggle FXAA

CTRL + S: Toggle Shadow Mapping (Toggle Raytracing in Tech Library)

CTRL + T: Toggle Target Box

VR Controls

CTRL + Left/Right: Change the scale of the reticle.

SHIFT + Left/Right: Change the depth of the reticle.

ALT + T: Reload TrackIR

GUI Depth Adjustment

CTRL + SHIFT + Up / Down: Adjust Targeting Computer GUI Depth

CTRL + SHIFT + Left / Right: Adjust Text Depth -- This should be above the Targeting Computer Depth.

SHIFT + Left/Right: Adjust Aiming HUD Depth.

VR Configuration

SHIFT + Arrow Keys: Adjust POV

Period/Dot Key (Double Tap): Reset POV in SteamVR

SHIFT + Period/Dot Key: Reset POV

CTRL + ALT + S: Save current VR parameters to vrparams.cfg

CTRL + ALT + L: Load VR parameters from vrparams.cfg

CTRL + ALT + R: Reset VR parameters to defaults.

Lens Distortion Effect

CTRL + ALT + B: Toggle Lens Correction Effect ("Barrel Distortion Effect").

CTRL + ALT + Left/Right: Adjust K1 Lens Distortion Coefficient (fine-tunes the effect)

CTRL + ALT + Up/Down: Adjust K2 Lens Distortion Coefficient (bigger effect, start here)

Window Scale

CTRL + Z: Toggle Zoom-Out Mode (allows you to see all the corners of the screen)

CTRL + ALT + Shift + (+/-): Adjust Zoom-Out Mode/Concourse/Menu scale


CTRL + PRINTSCREEN: Take Screenshot during gameplay

ALT + O: Take Screenshot in Tech Library


CTRL + J: Reload CockpitLook.cfg

CTRL + W: toggle Textures (only in Tech Library)

CTRL + ALT + D: Toggle SSAO/SSDO in Debug mode