The Team

The main TFTC team is made up of a number of people who have all provided various aspects of the project and many are also members of the XWAU team of which TFTC built its foundations upon. If you wish to see a more extensive list of all credits, please visit the credits section.


Angel is the captain of the ship for TFTC, the sole writer and mission designer of the TFTC Reimagined campaigns and ensures that all the various content provided by other team members is unified together into both Classic and Reimagined. Angel also provides the main voice for the Reimagined Briefing Officer, one of the wingmen and several other inflight voiceovers as well as handling the PR and social media for the project. Born in the UK and living in Finland, this is his third major modding project, the previous two being the Star Trek vs Star Wars Total Conversion for the game Star Trek: Armada and the Great Altis Highway Race for Arma 3. 


Bman was originally the last surviving member of the original TFTC 2005 project and was working on trying to do a new TFTC for many years before Angel came in and took over. Bman is currently responsible for much of the TFTC ship and weapon rebalancing,  as well as providing new weapon textures and even experimenting with new weapon types.


Blazingfirestorm was originally brought on to beta test TFTC a few months before its official release. Containing an encyclopedic level of knowledge of the original TIE Fighter, he proved himself such a dedicated and meticulous tester that he was offered full team membership and is now in charge of the TFTC Classic campaigns, making sure it's balanced properly, bugs are fixed whilst trying to keep it as close to the original TIE Fighter as possible with its gameplay.


Lawnie is the owner of the Get Off My Lawn YouTube channel which focuses primarily on DOS games and other retro gaming topics who has a dedicated love of the original TIE Fighter. The lead audio and music engineer of TFTC,  after spotting his audio cleanups of the original dialogue from Guy Siner from TIE Fighter in a YouTube video, Angel approached him to do this for the entire Classic voiceover sets and in turn Lawnie offered to remaster the musical score of TIE Fighter. Using the original iMUSE MIDI files from TIE Fighter, he completely re-orchestrated everything to bring the soundtrack into the modern era. Lawnie also provided one of the wingmen voice sets you hear ingame.


Shrouded in mystery, Jérémy is the primary XWAU member responsible for understanding a significant portion of the X-Wing Alliance (XWA) engine and creating new DLL hooks. They overwrite or insert new gameplay functionality into the engine, which was previously not possible. A recent breakthrough includes shunting all the primary rendering of XWA from the CPU to the GPU, as well as making it possible for the XWA engine to look as good as it does now. Thanks to him the TFTC Project has pushed out many new features and functions to the XWA engine that even the XWAU team had not previously envisioned yet were necessary to ensure that TFTC played like TIE Fighter.


Being grateful for Jeremy's ddraw hook, Blue_max ran with his file, creating all sorts of new graphical effects for the XWA engine that truly bring it to the modern era of gaming such as bloom effects, SSAO/SSDO, VR Support, dynamic lighting,  shadows and even ray tracing!

Ace Antillies

Ace helps to keep all the aspects and contributions of that project unified and in order. Additionally he's working on doing various aspects of modding the game such as long hours of testing, hangar arrangements, icon placements, updated Concourse GUIs, chief nitpicker and more. He provides these services to the TFTC team as well. 


DTM is one of the main XWAU modellers as well as someone who likes to model several new ships for XWA outside of the vanilla shipset, you can take a look at all the ships he has made on his website MTD Industries. Some of his most recent work involved making new models of all the main TIE starfighters which you as the player will be flying a lot of! Alongside this, he is primarily responsible for creating the installers for both XWAU and TFTC and the author of the Palpatine Total Converter which allows the seamless transition between XWAU, TFTC Classic and TFTC Reimagined without having multiple installs of XWA being needed.  


Ual002 has provided the Pilot's room, Simulator room and the main Concourse hangar with complete redesigns as well as voicing one of the wingmen sets you hear ingame and the tactical droid that warns you about mission critical craft. The Pilot's room though, is perhaps the most wonderful aspect of his work, creating new individual memorabilia models and rewards – some of which comes from his own real life stuff as part of the 501st Legion – as well as writing up all the emails you receive in your inbox. He also helped to ensure that all the original TIE Fighter medals and a reworking of the Secret Order tattoos were implemented. 


Ilios is the project director of the Embers of the Empire mod, which aims to tell a new story in the XWA engine with 16 tour of duty campaigns set many years after Return of the Jedi and heavily influenced by the Thrawn books from Legends. Ilios, however, has also provided most of the unique background artwork for TFTC you see inflight. Whilst some have been used from other authors online with their permission, Ilios has also designed many nebula backgrounds as well as several low orbit planetary backdrops. He is also the main voice of the Reimagined Secret Order.


Vince has created several high quality models for XWAU which in turn is used by TFTC. Most recently he redesigned all the Platform variants, the Victory I and II Star Destroyers and is currently working on replacing both the Imperial I and II Star Destroyers. A bit of a perfectionist, you can guarantee his models will be some of the most accurately designed in any game!


Vanessaira is also a dedicated fan of TIE Fighter and a keen lover of all things retro when it comes to gaming and technology. She has several kits of original hardware which has been vital in directly recording the three original MIDI Soundtracks that TFTC provides alongside the remastered soundtrack made by Lawnie. Thanks to her, we now have the genuine sounds of the Roland SC-55, Gravis Ultrasound and the Sound Blaster AWE32 instead of emulations. 


Forceflow is the administrator of the XWAU website and forums as well as providing high quality image renders for the XWAU showcase as well as the tour of duty images for TFTC and XWAU. 


Justagai has in the past provided help to the XWAU team in reverse engineering some code but his main contribution has been to create the TourMultiplayer DLL hook which allows for co-op and multiplayer options for custom designed missions. After disappearing for a few years, he has recently returned to provide new assistance to the TFTC team and is currently helping us to make significant alterations and improvements to the current iMUSE system of XWA among other things.


Like Blazingfirestorm, LPhoenix has an exceptional level of dedication and a meticulous eye for detail with helping to test and balance both TFTC Classic and Reimagined. He has been an extremely helpful member of the community in helping others with their various issues. LPhoenix is perhaps best known for his extensive playthroughs of all the original games and his ability to ace every single mission, on hard with every goal completed!

Honourable Mentions

Whilst not officially full team members, the following people also provide their help to the TFTC project.


RandomStarfighter is providing engine assistance to the XWVM team, a project which is rebuilding X-Wing into an entirely new engine. He has also single-handedly reversed engineered the entire X-Wing vs TIE Fighter (XvT) engine which has been enormously useful in helping to change some gameplay functionality for TFTC Classic by providing new patches to the XWA engine.


M0rgg has been assisting Blue_max primarily with VR support in the XWA engine and has been very helpful in supporting the community on the TFTC Discord with any VR related issues.


Another recent addition to the beta testing team, NudeRaider has been going through all of the Reimagined story and texts to find any grammatical errors and spelling mistakes that Angel is sometime prone to make. As such he ensures that these errors are removed from existence.