Frequently Asked Questions

What will I need to play TFTC?

To install and play TFTC, you will require the following:

  • Installation of the X-Wing Alliance Upgrade (XWAU) 2020 Mega Patch available from their website. Please note that installation of the Update 5 or 5.5 patches IS NOT REQUIRED. These are bundled into the TFTC installer.

How do I switch between TFTC Classic, TFTC Reimagined and XWAU?

You need to use the XWA launcher and run the Palpatine Total Converter. From there you can switch versions seamlessly. You can check the installation section for further details.

What does TFTC include?

TFTC is split into two different versions - Classic and Reimagined. To explore what is contained in each version, please visit either the TFTC Classic or TFTC Reimagined sections.

How does the Secret Order work?

XWA does not have the individual character interactions that TIE Fighter had, sadly, so we've had to compromise a little here. All Secret Order objectives and missions are now primary mission objectives instead of secret or bonus goals. When ingame, any Secret Order based objective will have the [SO] tag next to it. Completing them is necessary in order to beat a mission. There are still plenty of bonus/hidden objectives to earn more points and which get you closer to unlocking higher Secret Order ranks!

Do I need a Joystick or Controller?

While the game is best played with a joystick (and to a much lesser degree a gamepad controller), it is also possible to use the keyboard and mouse exclusively to fly. To do this, open up the XWA Launcher, click on the Babu Frik Configurator and enable 'Joystick Emulation'. You can also set the mouse sensitivity there or just use the keyboard. Please note this will disable any joystick or controller if emulation is turned on. We have stored a variety of joystick and controller profiles here:

Will there be VR support?

Yes, XWAU has integrated VR support which means TFTC can do it as well! Be warned VR requires a really beefy system, even then you may experience some lag. The new GPU based ddraw by @blue_max has helped significantly with performance though. Head over to our vr-help channel for advice from fellow VR enthusiasts if you need assistance.

Are the campaigns playable in Co-op?

Unfortunately we have had to abandon plans for this due to poor netcode/desyncing issues. The cause for this has been identified but a solution is currently not achievable.

How can I donate?

As much as we might like to, we cannot accept ANY kind of financial donation to the project due to the increased risk of legal troubles with Disney if we did so. You can reward us by playing the mod and spreading words of its existence to others who would be interested!

Will you be doing a remaster or reimagining of X-Wing?

The team has no plans to do this to X-Wing. There is currently the XWVM project which aims to recreate X-Wing into a brand new engine. It is being built with backwards compatibility to the mission files so that in the future, the same can be done with TIE Fighter. To keep up with the latest news on XWVM, we recommend you join their Discord server.