Quick Fixes

Here you can find quick fixes posted by the team to issues found in the current 1.3.4 version of TFTC. These are intended to help with potential mission breaking issues until the next patch is released. All quick fixes can be downloaded by clicking this link or by joining our Discord server and going to the #quick-fixes channel. This page will be frequently updated.

General Fixes

Nothing here yet.

TFTC Classic

Nothing here yet.

TFTC Reimagined

Critical bug fix for B3M4 Reimagined, TRN Maaser was flagged as invincible, preventing completion of the mission. Download this fix, install into your Missions folder and overwrite the existing file.

If you are having trouble with certain missions (B7M3-R is a notable one) where capital ships or stations are seemingly dying instantly, its probably because a certain function is enabled that should be disabled which causes insane damage when colliding with larger ships. To disable this, locate the Hooks.ini file in your root TFTC/XWAU install and find the following entry: 


; IsWarheadCollisionDamagesEnabled = 0 or 1 

; When set to 0, warhead collision damages are disabled 

; When set to 1, warhead collision damages are enabled 

IsWarheadCollisionDamagesEnabled = 1 

This feature must be set to 0, it will then fix the problem.