Classic Gameplay Features

This page lists all the features and functions specific to TFTC Classic. It should be noted that Classic has significant differences from vanilla XWA and TFTC Reimagined in how certain things will function. This list may be updated as new things are added.


  • 13 tour of duty campaigns which contain all missions from the base game of TIE Fighter and its expansions Defender of the Empire and Enemies of the Empire. There is also an additional training tour of duty campaign (Battle 0), that contains four of the original training missions as mandatory to bring players up to speed. This includes the first training missions of the TIE Fighter, TIE Interceptor, TIE Bomber and Assault Gunboat. It is also possible to play updated (Reimagined) versions of these training missions for the XWA engine which you can choose when first installing TFTC or from the Palpatine Total Converter in the launcher menu if you've already installed the mod.

  • All 28 original training missions, which can be found in the Simulator room. These missions are unlocked individually as you complete each mission in the main campaign, so you must play through at least 28 campaign missions (B5M2 is the 28th mission) before they are all unlocked. The original TIE Fighter demo mission is also included which is unlocked after completing the 29th campaign mission (B5M3).

  • All the original voiceover files, both from the briefings and inflight dialogue. Some of the tactical officer voiceovers are also included.

  • All the original cutscenes, including the Secret Order promotions.

  • All the original medals and the Secret Order tattoos. The only thing we could not import were the training mission patches. This is instead replaced with the memorabilia items you can collect in your Pilot's room as you progress through the campaign.

  • Hyperspace transition regions added to all missions with hyperspace capable craft to maintain immersion. The original TIE Fighter did this but you were always automatically hyperspaced at the beginning of a mission.

Gameplay Differences vs TFTC Reimagined

  • Torpedo fire is limited to two torpedoes per bomber when making an attack run with a maximum of six torpedoes per target when multiple bombers are attacking the same target.

  • The player's ship does not spin uncontrollably when hit by missiles.

  • Countermeasures are not available

  • Explosion splash damage is disabled.

  • Starship engine wash damage is disabled.

  • Starship and station weapon jamming is disabled if you get too close.

  • Starship and station warhead point-defence is disabled so they cannot shoot down any incoming warheads themselves.

  • Maneuvering speed is always at maximum regardless of your current throttle setting. Normally in XWAU or Reimagined, you would need to use one third throttle speeds to turn at the maximum rate.

  • Some limitations on the number of fighters that can attack the player at any one time.

  • AI starfighters cannot overcharge their shields to 200%.

  • All non-friendly craft will be automatically identified instead of being unknown. This DOES NOT apply to their cargo which still requires inspection to reveal.

  • All laser and warhead lock ranges are adjusted to their original TIE Fighter versions for appropriate ship types.

  • All starships are balanced to behave as close to the original TIE Fighter as possible in terms of firepower.

  • Transfer amounts of laser energy to shields increased by 100%.