Here you can find social media links and some playlists posted by the TFTC Team and notable coverage in mainstream gaming media that TFTC has received since its release.

Official TFTC Videos

General TFTC Videos

This playlist contains all general TFTC videos ranging from the very first video put out in 2016, to current day videos which include gameplay, behind the scenes, update news and more.

TFTC Reimagined Let's Play + Developer Commentary

This playlist shows off each available Reimagined mission with full developer commentary from Angel where he explains his ideas and intent behind each mission.

TFTC Soundtracks

This playlist contains three of the four full soundtracks used in TFTC including: Remastered, Roland SC-55 and the Sound Blaster AWE32.

Media Coverage


Top 10 Graphics Mods

EcksToo covers TFTC