Religious Education Program

Parents / Godparents / Sponsors

Parents have the responsibility to bring up their children in the practice of the faith. Therefore they are the ones who request assistance in the religious formation of their children. They must be members of the parish community. Both parent(s) should actively participate in the sacramental life of the Church, as well as the sacramental preparation process of their children.

Parents and godparents are required to attend Formation classes in order to have a clear understanding of th sacraments and of their responsibility to their child or godchild, and to adequately prepare and dispose themselves for the celebration of the sacraments.

The godparents/sponsors assist the parents in developing the faith life of the child, and give their personal testimony of Christian living (that is by, practicing their Catholic faith, being married in the Church, and participating actively in their parish).

Ideally, the baptismal godparents should accompany the candidate during preparation and reception of each of the Sacraments of Initiatin. If this is not possible, at least one active Catholic adult in good standing in the the Church, other than the parents, should be willing to walk and support the child's faith journey in preparation for reception of the sacraments.

Godparents and Sponsors for the RCIA (adults), as they journey in faith with the candidate, are required to attend sessions with the Catechumenate during part of their preparation.

Those who don't participate regularly in the sacramental life of the Church, especially in the Eucharist, and/or who are living in an irregular marriage are not qualified to be godparents/sponsors.