Religious Education Program

Faith Formation

We here at St. Joseph Parish recognize that the Faith Formation of children is primarily the responsibility of their parents. It is in the home where faith begins and matures. Therefore it is expected that a large part of the sacramental preparation of children will take place in the home.

However, the Parish also recognizes its role in the teaching of faith to its faithful, thus, the Community of St. Joseph Parish/ Cristo Rey Chapel and the Religious Education Office offer classes in order to assist parents in the faith formation of their children.

If we are to have adults who will be followers of Jesus tomorrow we need to have children who will fall in love with Him today. For Jesus is our loving brother, friend and helper. He is God who comes to us at the Eucharist giving himself to us to be available to us always.

Parents wishing to have their children prepared to receive the sacraments through our Religious Education Program are required to:

  • show some interest in the child's preparation for they will be responsible for part of it within the home
  • attend Mass on Sunday's and Holy Days of Obligation as a family since the Mass is a central part of our faith
  • see class attendance as a priority so that it may be consistent and therefore insure adequate preparation
  • show some intent to have their children continue Religious Education throughout their school years