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If you have attended an ACTS retreat please contact one of the ACTS Core Team Members listed below so that they can gather information for the Donna ACTS database. This information will be used in order to start preparing for future ACTS Retreats.

What is an ACTS Retreat?

An ACTS retreat is a three day and three night Catholic lay-led retreat. The retreat begins on Thursday evening and ends the following Sunday at a Mass celebrated with the parish community. Retreats for men and women are given separately. Talks and activities during the retreat focus on Adoration, Community, Theology, and Service, from which the ACTS acronym is derived. Holy Scripture and the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church are the guides for the retreats. The retreat facilitates the attainment of a new or deeper relationship with the Lord through:

Que es ACTS retiro?

El Retiro de ACTS es un retiro de fin de semana presentado por laicos Católicos. Los objetivos de este retiro son el dar una oportunidad a las hombres o mujeres de enfocarse en su fe y su aplicación en su vida diaria, darles un propósito para su vida de oración y cultivar amistad y hermandad entre los miembros de la comunidad. Para mas información hagan contacto con las personas nombradas abajo.

ACTS Core Team

    • Facilitator
        • Crissy Moncayo - (956) 655-6302
    • Co-Facilitator
        • Art Handy - (956) 497-7447
    • Communications Coordinator
        • Rick Mendoza - (956) 821-5779
    • Financial Coordinator
        • Irene Portillo - (956) 684-8184
    • Music Coordinator
        • Monica Palacios - (956) 648-5304
    • Retreat Coordinator
        • Men's - Oscar Garza - (956) 460-4468
        • Women's - Linda Estrada - (956) 463-6864
    • Social Coordinator
        • Joey Garza - (956) 460-0200
    • Spiritual Coordinator
        • Lorraine Luna - (956) 457-3946
    • Supply Coordinator
        • Art Handy - (956) 497-7447