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Junior Catholic Daughters of the Americas (JCDA)

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Junior Catholic Daughters of the Americas (JCDA), our youth program for girls 6 through 18, was founded in 1925. The Donna JCDA Court was founded in 2010.

The Donna JCDA Court is currently accepting girls ages 11-18 into their association.

The JCDA Program is based on four objectives and goals:

  1. To promote the development of the whole person through programs of self-identity, personal growth and peer group relationships;
  2. To promote service to others in the parish, community and JCDA;
  3. To encourage spiritual growth by providing opportunities for personal prayer, liturgy and ecumenical understanding; and
  4. To encourage programming that is open, flexible and creative to current needs and concerns.

The Junior Catholic Daughters of the Americas must not only accept the Christian message but act on it. They must be moved to build community in all areas of life. Today's world requires that Christians become involved in seeking solutions to problems such as war, poverty, abortion, discrimination in any form and other current issues.



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Threefold Program of Involvement

The goals and objectives of the JCDA program are divided into a Threefold Program of Involvement:




Youth have a right and duty to be active participants in the work of the Church.

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JCDA Pledge

"I promise to be a faithful member of the Junior Catholic Daughters of the Americas to promote development of myself as a whole person, to promote service to others, and to encourage spiritual growth in our members."