Religious Education Program

Code of Conduct

Our goal is to provide a happy and loving atmosphere where our children can experience and live the Christian principles presented in our Religious Education Program. In order to maintain proper order and discipline we ask that children:

  • come inside our building upon arrival
  • leave food, drinks and gum at home
  • leave electronic devices at home
  • show respect towards Director, Catechists, Assistants, each other and each other's property
  • be cooperative with Catechist and Assistant
  • be kind
  • be on time

Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. Students will be given three (3) verbal warnings. After the third warning a Director-Parent-Catechist conference will be scheduled. If disruptive behavior continues, materials will be given to parents to continue the religious education at home.

Students are expected to attend all scheduled classes during the year. If students need to be absent, it is the parent's responsibility to call our office to notify us of the reason for the child's absence.Parents are also responsible for picking up a copy of the lesson their child missed and seeing to it that the lesson is covered in the home. Parents are also responsible for turning in any written assignments such as classroom activity sheets/handouts the catechist may require for the lesson. Materials needed can be picked up from the child's catechist at their next class.