St. Joseph Catholic Church

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We have provided a Cry Room to help accommodate families with young children who want to attend mass without disrupting others.

It has been brought to my attention that parents are using this room to allow their children loose to run around and that older children are talking and using the cell phone to play games. It is very disrespectful to other families who are trying to listen to mass.

Please note, this room is an extension of the parish and should be utilized to teach our children how to properly behave while listening to the Holy Word.

This room must follow all the basic rules of our church:

  1. No chewing gum.
  2. No food or drinks (Baby bottles for infants are permitted)
  3. No cell phone usage (No texting, gaming, etc.)
  4. No electronic devices (NO EXCEPTIONS!)
  5. No running.

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Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament / La Exposión del Santisimo

Beginning January 2017, the Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament will be held every Friday from 7 am to 5 pm instead of Thursday's.

Empezando el mes de enero, 2017 La Exposión del Santísimo será cada viernes de las 7 am a las 5 pm en vez de los jueves.

Traveling Holy Family Statute

The Traveling Holy Family Statue continues its journey throughout our Parish Community. If you are interested in having the Holy Family Statute visit with your family, please contact the Parish officer during regular office hours (956-464-3331).

“La Estatua Sagrada Familia en Jornada” continua su caminata a través de nuestra comunidad parroquial. Si usted está interesado en que La Estatua de la Sagrada Familia visita con su familia, por favor póngase en contacto con la oficina parroquial al (956) 464-3331.

Friends of the Missionaries of the Holy Family

We are a parish family. This is a prayer opportunity to pray daily for us and our families, the Missionaries of the Holy Family who minister to us, and religious vocations. If you as an individual or as a couple or family at meal time would like to pray in this special way, please contact Tina Lukaszek, 464-4898, for more information.

Amigos de los Misioneros de la Sagrada Familia

San Pablo, en una de sus cartas nos dice que recemos sin cesar. Una manera excelente de vivir el amor hacia nuestros hermanos es orando por ellos. Si usted se interesa en orar por los Misioneros de la Sagrada Familia, por vocaciones, y por nuestras familias, favor de llamar a Tina Lukaszek @ (956) 464-4898 para mas información.

Missionaries of the Holy Family

3014 Oregon Avenue V Saint Louis, MO 63118-1412

888-484-9945 (office)