Where I Want To Work?


Dear Bellingcat,


Since 1999 i am an online journalist,

looking for ways to unite with people and to cover stories with video,

photo and nowadays also on podcasts.

Writing wasn't my most active thing to do, but as i know and mentioned in the last few years i got more interest for investigation journalism,

Creating concepts as EUIA PRESS, VHJ ONLINE, but also

profiling myself online on STIJN.ONLINE, i mentioned to

connect to many people.

Therefor i think i am the best candidate for this job,

Investigator and Trainer for Bellingcat.

Also because i have not only experience, but high ambitions.

As a veganist, humanist and journalist i hope to connect the world to the truth.

Therefor i hope to work for a company-organisation like Bellingcat.

My first interview with Bellingcat initiator was a podcast in Amsterdam last year.

Most of my podcasts are in Dutch, but i am experienced in also interviewing in English as i visited many congresses, meetups, events and press gatherings where i found ways to communicate and interview with many people.

here is the link to 2 of my podcast channels




More about me at STIJN.ONLINE