• Scammers sometimes refer victims to a website to check their legitimacy.
  • Scammers can build very convincing websites and copy legitimate sites.
  • Scammers send out false testimonials and photographs of fictitious winners.
  • Scammers claim to be lottery officials, clairvoyants, presidents of banks and use other important sounding titles and names
  • Scammers sometimes disguise their mailbox addresses by calling them things like suites, units or apartments to create the illusion they are operating from a traceable office or grand building.
  • Scammers try to trick people into sending them passports, photographs and birth certificates by pretending they are arranging celebration parties or sending out photographs.
  • Scammers hide behind letters from fictitious charities and often use distressing photographs in an attempt to pull at the heartstrings of caring people.

Is this problem serious?

Yes, it is! This is serious, organised crime.



THE NETHERLANDS : ON 7 - 8 - 2019 i connected by phone with the press information contact of this site to get some information about what organisations are fraudulent or known for SCAM / because of the Dutch or EU privacy rules there is not a publication of the names of the organisations known with fraud - SCAM /

The option about doing research on an organisation and report it to the Police / REPORT FRAUD : ONLINE FRAUD

As an online journalist i focus on truth, reality and telling the facts to the public.

Also i wish to create fairness and transparency for a clear and open system online.

Protecting people from SCAM and FRAUDULENT online activities is a mission.

It takes a lot of research and effort to know if someone or any organisation is involved with scam.

fortunately there are online trustworthy organsations who can help to show the facts

THIS OVERVIEW IS Created by ONLINE JOURNALIST : Stijn.Online / MELD.ONLINE ( 07-08-2019)