My ambitions to become a great singer and to perform has been on a low level for the last years, but still the hope and dream is alive and kicking. Listen to the many jamsessions i've recorded while i was depressed or in love or just happy to be me. Live your life and enjoy each moment with the sound or silence you love and give someone else a chance to support you in your daily struggles. Make it possible to change the things you need to become succesful. Have faith in your own destiny. Because we all have a purpose in life.

Maybe one day i will find the people around me to form a band, go on tour and perform my own songs ... LOVE YOU ALL / Stijn Gabeler

My first moment on TV was one i can't forget, .. but the moment at IDOLS was one with a big aftereffect, Many people did see the fragment and a lot of people supported me by saying nice things to me. Eventhough i wasn't singing perfect, it wasn't nice the way the jury communicated. Non-violent communication is one of the things next to NLP and the ARC techniques to see what you can be for someone and what other people can be in your life. Somehow you know there will always be people who hate you or dislike your creativity, your energy, your strenght, your emotions and thoughts. But by knowing that years can pass and everyone can grow, we can have hope for the future.

Anyone can make mistakes, We all can say sorry and most of all The future is bigger than the past ... Because we can learn from the past and remember it, but the future we can experience and enjoy and in this future we can change ourself, effect the people around us and motivate others to do some good.

I've never had much budget to pay for some lessons, but thanks to my mother i've had a few, some singing lessons but also a few guitar lessons and piano lessons.

Most of the time i didn't have the energy or concentration to focus and learn the notes, melody and rythms, But music is amazing, it is story-telling from a next level.

Music is making magic. Music Makes My Mind Mov e... It really does. It sometimes makes me happy in difficult times, It helps me to stay alive and kicking. Because somehow there are people who try to bring you down. Remember this and you will always use the music in your life for the good and the better.

I remember i started to record some songs on Soundcloud and later some clips on Youtube, .. a lot of work and not always with the result and effect i wanted or hoped for.

But the internet is amazing, it is a big tool to become the person you really are. Social media can help you to connect to someone somewhere and makes it possible to connecte and communicate but also create great events, meetups and projects. So somehow i've learned a lot in the years... and may this all be for a better future.

This will keep you smiling !

When someone loves you and you can't let go,.. things can become painful. Somehow we all need our own space and time for ourself.

I've noticed that it is my weakest but also my strongest part in life, to think that it will become perfect, bigger and better and more beautiful.

Because sometimes life is full of disappointments, No affection, No appreciation, No friendly compliments, ... People can be judging you as if they can do better.

And somehow there are always 500 or 1000 other people who are better, or more beautiful .. or stronger .. and more powerful than you are.

DON'T FORGET,.. that being the best isn't your goal, being yourself and being happy, healthy and honorable with all you can be is!

Make the best of now, remember moments the way you want to remember them and let people help you to create a better future.

Life is easy, Life is great, Life is wonderful, ... but somehow not everyone has this vision. People who are fighting, screaming, angry and hating eachother are always searching for a way to hurt you and to get your stress level go up until you fight or flight. But what if you can let go and take a distance. Just by singing, dancing or meditation.

Breath in and Breath out, let the other person know that you are not able to connect now and let go.

Have it your way, Go where you want to go and be where you want to be.

And if someone somehow takes your space, asks too much of your time and just keeps on pushing and pulling ....

Know that being silent or singing a song can help you to be relaxed and happy again.

Friendship and LOVE can be an amazing thing, Just for a moment, or for life. Some people you meet are there for you, always and anywhere.

Other people are there for you for a moment, an instance, a way to say .. here is a lesson - a moment to learn something you've always needed to learn.

You want this, You need this, .. Take this .. and let it go. LEARN FROM THE PAIN .. see the way it makes you be you more and more.

Have it your way but learn to let go. Give people a chance or give them chances and open your door, open your heart and open your arms AND SMILE.

Because your attitude can change people's mind. By pushing and pulling you can stress someone and make someone really unhappy.

But by letting go, giving space, giving compliments and giving a smile life can be great. Together or both alone on another place.

Divorce is one thing i needed to accept after the seperation of my parents and later after some relations and friendships ended.

Crying about it and writing a song or a few songs for these lovely memoriable moments is one thing you can do. SO DO IT.

Being an artist is not always easy... but everyone can be one. Acting is making fun of everything. Acting is taking everything as serious as it can be.

Facing the facts and making the act or performance come to life is an amazing thing.

Seeing people perform, doing their thing, singing their songs or having the dialogue and doing the scene always makes me happy.

Once you notice that we are people who enjoy the force in other people....

you can become a person who give strenght and who makes it possible for others to smile again and again and again ...

I REMEMBER this one line, EASE MY TROUBLES, THAT'S WHAT YOU DO ... (Have i told you lately that I LOVE YOU).