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Here you can find information to become a journalist, the way to practice and prepair your work-flow with - contacts - planning - recording - publishing and -after-editing

Blogging, Vlogging and Podcasting are tools for online journalists.

Step by step we teach you the basics. Help you to see the opportunaties and we try to motivate and inspire you to reach out for great content and big story's.

As a local contact-person you can become a key-player on this journalistic platform and work with local&regional partners.

Join us and sent us your details so we can connect and start communicating.

Our statement is to help people to become a journalist in and outside the EU.

This mission was made to connect, communicate and create opportunaties with other people, beginning journalists but also working journalists.

The concept to create an online free academy is a tool that will grow in the next years and will make a difference for people who are in need of information.

Step by step we wish to provide new tools, insight in the existing organisations and contacts and possibilities, ..

You can help to create this platform.

Just join us and help to write, film, make photo's or record audio interviews to make the world an open and social place where information is free.

Online Journalistic Platform & Journalistic Challenges

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