Troop Event Planning

Planning a service unit event is a rewarding project, for both you and your girls. Why do it? Because it's a great way to help girls grow strong! That's why we're leaders, right? So how do you get started? Just follow this process and you'll find that it's really pretty easy.

If you're considering planning a service unit event, contact our SU Event Coordinator. She will help you with the process.

Before you start

Make sure your troop is ready to host an event. Before taking on an event of their own, girls should help with several service unit events for progression. They should have some experience working with younger girls (for example, a Junior troop might help a Brownie troop earn a badge, or do bridging activities). It's never too early to start on the progression steps - it's all about girl planning and leadership! Most importantly, the girls should be excited about planning and running an event.

This is where you get your event on the calendar for the following year. NOTE - For 2017/18 events, start with Step 2.

The proposal includes critical info to start the planning. Timing: As soon as you have some basic event info.

The Event Director must have the appropriate training. Timing: Before you submit paperwork, anytime (it's never too early).

The required forms serve as checklists for all the things to consider when planning your event. Timing: At least 2 weeks before the events meeting.

This is where the event gets formal approval. Timing: 6-8 weeks or more before event, depending on meeting date.

It's time to get the word out! Timing: Registration should be open at least a month ahead of the event.

Encourage your girls to have fun with the planning process!

Step 8: Hold the event

It's finally here, the day you've been preparing for! Relax and have a great time, knowing that you've done your prep work and you're ready.

The girls meet as a troop, and then with the events committee to evaluate the event. Timing: The first events meeting after the event.