Activity Approval

Girl Scouts love to get out and do fun things! Leaders are encouraged to find new adventures for the girls as they grow and achieve new levels of interest. There are many places to get ideas, but our best resource is each other. You'll meet other leaders at the monthly Service Unit Leader Meetings. We also have service unit team members - "Activity Consultants" - dedicated to helping leaders plan and implement new adventures. Your Activity Consultant can help with ideas and advice, and will approve your activity paperwork.

GSUSA and our council set the rules and guidelines for safety and required paperwork for all troop activities. To get started, review the information and forms listed here.

Please review all safety and paperwork requirements for troop activities.

Safety Activity Point Matrix

Volunteer Essentials: Safety Wise

  • must be registered and obtain a background check
  • must be licensed and insured
  • have map and directions to the destination
  • obtain health history and permission forms for riders in vehicle

NEW Online Approval Portal

  • Submit notifications to Activity Consultant of upcoming trips/activities; includes any activity outside of normal meeting day/time.
  • Submit paperwork/forms for approval

NEW/Updated Forms

  • Parents/guardians must complete all information fields, but may decline any permission element. If parents decline annual permission for routine trips and events, the leader must obtain a signed trip/event permission form (below) for each instance.
  • Annual permission can be granted by parent/guardian for routine events (activities where additional approval is not required) for the entire year.
  • NOTE: Activity Consultant must still be notified of all activities outside of normal meeting day/time through Approval Portal (above) even if Annual Permission Slip has been signed by parent/guardian.

  • Use for individual events when parents did not sign annual permission slip or when additional activity approval is required; including overnight stays.

  • Required for overnights or those events/activities designated via safety activity point matrix

  • A Safety Management Plan (SMP), sometimes called an Emergency Action Plan (EAP), is a written plan that guides and communicates identification, prevention and response to emergencies.

Insurance required:

  • non-GS participants
  • events/activities outside San Diego council boundaries (i.e. Temecula)
  • event/activities longer than two nights