Camping and Travel


There is a progression of training requirements for Adult members planning to take their Troop on overnights and camping trips. See the progression chart and sign up for training on the Girl Scout San Diego site.

  • Basic Overnight Training- required for all adults at SU Encampments; first troop neighborhood overnight; museum lock-ins
  • Let's Camp- required for independent troop cabin camping or hostels; food preparation in a kitchen or knife use
  • Let's Have a Campfire- required for any campfire activities including S'mores
  • Let's Cook Out- required for cooking with fire at camp or on the stove
  • Let's Tent- required for any tent outing

GS San Diego Properties- GS sites in San Diego available for reservation

Scouting Web-Resource for Leaders including games, crafts and camping

Ultimate Camp Resource-Camping Games, Activites, Skits and More

Scoutorama-Camping Skits, Activites, Songs, etc.


Please contact the SU Activities Coordinator several months in advance before planning any advance travel (i.e. several nights or involves air travel) as additional paperwork and/or training may be required

Travelling is a great way for girls to explore and experience new places and things and with following Girl Scout philosophy there is always a progression. Please review and submit the Activity Approval requirements for any travel.

  • Field Trips-couple hour excursion to a park or museum
  • Basic Trips-maybe a full day trip or a single overnight
  • Advanced Domestic Trip-a couple day trip or possibly involving air travel
  • International Trip-visiting a location outside the US