Girl Scout Troop Finances are an integral part of the experience for our girl members. With adult guidance, troop members are given the opportunity to learn valuable life skills, money management, budgeting, and financial literacy. Following the Financial Guidelines will assure girls and parents of accountability in troop financial management.

More Forms and Guides can also be found on the San Diego Girl Scout Troop Finances Page.

Annual Financial Report (Updated Forms/Guide)

The annual financial report is a required annual summary of the troop’s finances for the previous year that must be submitted to Girl Scout San Diego Council via the Volunteer Toolkit. The report will include total income and expenses, account balances, and product sales up to April 30th. Submission can be completed by filling out the Financial Tracking Worksheet and submitting through the Volunteer Toolkit by the Troop Leader before June 1st. Please send any questions to the Service Unit Treasurer or refer to the Financial How to Guide.

Troops can do projects to earn extra money for a specific activity/trip when needed. Money-earning projects need to be approved by the service unit team. To get started, the girls and leaders should review the money-earning application, complete the form and schedule a time to meet with the SU Team to present their project and the reason why they need the money, in an informal discussion type of meeting. If the project involves organizing an event for Girl Scouts outside of the troop, the event planning process must be followed.

Simple money earning opportunites could be a garage sale or bake/craft sale; recycling does not require an application

New Wells Fargo Account/Signers

CAUTION: Do NOT just walk into the branch and ask them to set up an account - they will not have the correct paperwork, your account will be set up outside of the GS umbrella, and you will have to redo it later.

All troops must have a bank account. Girl Scouts San Diego troops do their banking at Wells Fargo. Free online banking and debit cards are included in the program and there are no monthly fees.

All troop money must run through the bank account. This provides a paper trail should a parent ask questions about how money is being handled. Once troop leaders have been registered, background checked, and held their first parent meeting, follow the instructions to set up a Wells Fargo bank account. Contact the Finance Support Specialist for more information or questions.

The Opportunity Fund provides need-based financial assistance to individual Girl Scout members to help cover costs associated with basic supplies and Girl Scout activities and events. Please speak with your Troop Leader regarding opportunity funds.

A troop is considered disbanded when it is no longer functioning or has not registered within six months of the expiration date of its last registration. The Disbandment Guide and Form can be found within the tabs of Financial Tracking Worksheet. Assure that any girls that want to continue in Girl Scouts are listed on your disbandment paperwork. Please submit Disbandment Form to the Service Unit Registrar and Treasurer.