Whether you are thinking about joining Girl Scouts for the first time or had so much fun you want to continue, Registration is where it all begins!

Girl Scout Memberships are valid October 1st to September 30th

Questions??? Contact the SU Registrar

Membership Renewals:

April 30th--Renewal deadline for Early Bird Renewal

May 15th--Renewal deadline for San Marcos GS Pool Party

June 15th--Service Unit need to reach 67% girl renewal

July 1st--Renewal dealine for leaders to maintain access to VTK

Early Bird Renewal--Any girl who renews her membership before the April 30th deadline will receive an Early Bird Patch from GS San Diego.

San Marcos GS Pool Party--Any girl who renews her membership AND the Troop Leader has submitted their Annual Financial Report/Financial Tracking Worksheet, will be invited to a San Marcos Pool Party in June (more details to come). Both renewal and financials must be completed before May 15th to qualify.

Service Unit Incentive--Not only can the girls get incentives, but San Marcos Girl Scouts can also qualify for 50% off encampment fees if we can reach 67% membership renewal by June 15th. This could save the SU hundreds of dollars that could be spent on more activities/outings for the girls.

Troop Leader Renewal--Leaders who do not renew by July 1st will lose access to Volunteer Toolkit (VTK), but will still have access to register in MYGS

All Members:

  • Renew girl and adult memberships via your account login (username is your full email address) at Girl Scouts San Diego "MY GS"
  • Leaders have the option to renew their entire troop through account login; see Troop Renewal Guide (below)

Individual Registered Member (IRM)

Girls at times may wish to continue Girl Scouts without being in an assembled troop. IRMs have full access to all events and product sales within Girl Scouts, but participate as an individual.

New Member Registration:


  • All school aged girls are eligible for Girl Scout membership. Membership fees are $25/year.
  • Financial Assistance is available for New Members on an as need basis. Contact the SU Treasurer for more information.
  • Register your girl online through the Girl Scouts San Diego registration page.
  • During the registration process online find a troop that is accepting girls in your area or contact the SU Membership Organizer to help find a troop.


  • Every Girl Scout Troop needs the support of all Adults as Chaperones, Product Sales, Treasurer, etc. Membership fees are $25/year.
  • Register yourself during your girls registration process or go back and pay membership dues through your MY GS account (set-up during girl registration process)
  • Consider being a Troop Leader and start a new Troop with your girl. Contact the SU Membership Organizer to help you get started.

Troop Transfer:

  • Transfer girls or adults to another troop
  • Contact Customer Care and provide name(s) including current troop number and new troop number that you will transfer to.

  • Opportunity Catalog allows for new members to find available troops in their area
  • Complete the online form to "open" your troop to new members