Welcome to Plant 51, a 265-unit luxury condo complex located next to the Caltrain Diridon station in the heart of Silicon Valley. Plant 51 has deep roots in San Jose, and was  originally home to the Del Monte cannery. The HOA Board here aims to create an enjoyable and safe resident experience for everyone in our community.

Whether you have purchased a new property or are renting from an owner, our CC&Rs (Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions) and Bylaws provide guidelines for creating a healthy complex where residents are able to coexist respectfully. 

Explore the site through the top navigation menu, and learn more about the HOA's role in the community below.
We want you to have the best experience here as a resident.

- The Plant 51 HOA Board

Helpful Info and Links

Seabreeze is our property management company and can be reached by:

Phone 800.232.7517  (M-F, 8AM to 5PM) and for any Emergency  (24h)
Non Emergency Email at  plant51hoa@seabreezemgmt.com

NOTE: Unless it's a maintenance emergency, per our CC&Rs, property managers and renters should not contact Seabreeze, and should ask their owners to reach out on their behalf. Seabreeze should not be contacted for in-unit issues (e.g. broken refrigerators) that do not affect other units.

Pay your HOA dues, obtain HOA documents (e.g. architectural requests), obtain meeting minutes. This portal is available only to homeowners and not renters.

Ask and discover answers to questions about safety/security, living tips, things for sale, and free stuff. This is not an HOA-sponsored group and is solely community driven.

HOA Roles and Responsibilities

The HOA consists of all homeowners who pay dues to the Homeowners Association.

The HOA Board consists of 5 unpaid homeowner volunteers elected to hold board positions and to make financial decisions on behalf of the HOA. Board members are voted in for 2 year terms, rotating 2 or 3 per election cycle.

The Management Company is hired by the HOA to manage the day-to-day operation of Plant 51, and to:

The HOA Manager serves on the Board in an advisory capacity only and does not take part in board votes. They advise to ensure compliance with the Davis Stirling Act.

The HOA Maintenance On-site  The On-site is responsible for coordination of vendors and maintenance work for the community space. Contacting the onsite manager is restricted to board members only.

HOA Meetings

HOA meetings are generally held monthly (typically on the third Thursday of the month), and an email is sent to all homeowners in advance with the date, time, zoom link, agenda, and any relevant materials, and the notice is also posted. There are two types of meetings: 


Agenda Item Submission