2017 News

4/3/17 - So far teams from six states have applied for the MTI! Looking forward to excellent game play between high quality teams.

4/5/17 - We welcome Actobotics as a MTI sponsor. They have generously provided some goodies for judged technical awards.

4/6/17 - Now up to seven states represented in our applicant pool.

4/10/17 - We welcome WorTech Corp as a MTI sponsor!

4/12/17 - Now up to eight states represented in our applicant pool.

4/12/17 - Krispy Kreme is now one of the MTI sponsors - yum!

4/14/17 - Come learn about the cutting edge technology that will allow NASA's Solar Probe Plus spacecraft to "touch" the sun at the MTI's Bonus STEM Event. SPP is being built at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory and is scheduled to launch July 2018. MTI teams and volunteers will be able to take an inside look at the mission.

4/15/7 - Nine states are now represented in our applicant pool.

4/16/17 - Woot! We now have 10 states represented in our applicant pool.

4/16/17 - Make that 11 states in the pool.

4/28/17 - We are thrilled to announce that Major General Charles Bolden has accepted our invitation to give the keynote address at the MTI. Gen. Bolden was the NASA Administrator from 2009 to 2017. He is also a former astronaut, having logged over 680 hours in space. He piloted two shuttle missions and was the mission commander for two more. Gen. Bolden is a long time supporter of the FIRST program. He was a VIP speaker at the closing ceremonies of the 2016 FIRST Championships. We are honored to welcome him to the inaugural MTI!

5/10/17 - We are excited to welcome a new MTI Sponsor, Hackground, Inc! They are funding the Hackground K.I.S.S. Award at $500!

5/12/17 - The MTI is psyched to welcome Misumi USA as a sponsor. They have generously provided $500 for the team that wins the judged award for overall best design (name TBD : )

6/10/17: We welcome Fourth Dimension Engineering as an event sponsor!

6/15/17: The Bonus STEM Friday has been extended. From 4:30 to 6:00 pm, the Parker Solar Plus team will have their Hololens augmented reality system at the Kossiakoff Center for attendees to try. You will be able to walk around and through the Solar Probe spacecraft. This technology is transforming the way engineering teams collaborate.