Bonus Friday STEM Event 2018

Friday June 22, 2018

Time 3:30 to 5:00 pm

Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory

Laurel, MD

The Bonus Friday STEM Event is open to MTI teams, their supporters and MTI volunteers. Pre-registration is required.

Bonus Friday STEM Event Team Registration

Bonus Friday STEM Event Volunteer Registration

The Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory's Space Sector is graciously hosting the Bonus Friday STEM Event again this year. At the inaugural MTI we took a hot ride to the very center of our solar system with JHU/APL and NASA's Parker Solar Probe mission which is scheduled to launch July 31, 2018. This year we are soaring to the outer reaches with two cutting edge JHU/APL and NASA missions, New Horizons and Dragonfly.

Dr. Michael Ryschkewitsch, Head of JHU/APL's Space Sector and former NASA Chief Engineer will be kicking off the program with a welcome to the JHU Applied Physics Laboratory, a Space Sector overview and and a look ahead at the these two exciting missions set to expand our understanding of the outer reaches of our solar system:

New Horizons - Extreme Science: Spend Your New Years in the Kuiper Belt

New Horizons broadens our understand of the worlds at the edge of our solar system. It has made the first reconnaissance of the planet Pluto and is currently venturing deeper into the distant, mysterious Kuiper Belt – a relic of solar system formation.

Dragonfly - Extreme Engineering: Revolutionary Rotorcraft Lander on Titan, an ocean world

Dragonfly Is a rotorcraft lander mission proposed to the New Frontiers Program that is designed to take advantage of Titan's environment to be able to sample materials and determine the surface composition in different geologic settings. Presented by Doug Adams, Aerospace System Engineer with JHU/APL