2018 Team Social

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Join us for some social time with your fellow robot enthusiasts! Pizza is on the menu as well as tons of games to play. Games such as Apples to Apples, Catch Phrase, Prof. Noggin's trivia, Talisman, Blokus, Dragonology, Uno, Jenga, Poker, will be on hand as well as video games on really BIG screens. Feel free to bring your favorite board/card game to share.

Also, the Lunar and Planetary Institute is bringing a Planetarium to the USRA STEMaction Center for the teams to enjoy!

It's all happening on Saturday night at the home of Maryland's FTC affiliate partner. Come see the USRA STEM Center in Columbia, Maryland which is approximately ten miles from Reservoir High School.

Time is 7:00 to 9:00

Address is 7178 Columbia Gateway Dr, Columbia, MD 21046

There is a paid entry option and a free option. TEAMS WHO WANT PIZZA, SALAD, AND DRINKS MUST CHOOSE THE PAID OPTION ($5 per person). Teams who will not be eating at the game night may choose the free registration.

A chaperone must be present for each team attending the MTI Team Social. For groups larger than 10, please ensure additional chaperones are present. Attendance is limited to FTC team members and their chaperones and supporters.

Registration for the MTI Team Social is required. Teams who do not register and obtain tickets through Brown Paper Ticket will not be admitted.